The Hazards of Bob Beckel…er…Live TV: #25,128

(via J$)

If this keeps up someone is going to have to air disclaimer at the start of every episode of 4 on 1 The Five…


12 Responses to “The Hazards of Bob Beckel…er…Live TV: #25,128”

  1. Beckel sometimes starts the show with a pre-emptive apology.

  2. The disclaimer should read “Why are you watching this? You know it’s awful. Turn the channel, idiot!”

  3. ^ He calls you “idiot”, too?

  4. He calls you “idiot”, too?

    It’s a trend.

  5. Funny with Kimberly Guilfoyle mouthing the bad word. She and Gavin Newsom must have made an interesting couple.

  6. Anyone who doesn’t tell Joe what he wants to hear, or share his opinion, gets called an “idiot.”

    But don’t worry… it’s not a sign he’s unreasonable or childish. It’s… um… something else.

  7. Unreasonable…and BRILLIANT.

  8. makes the show intresting

  9. Why is it a big deal that The Five only has one liberal? It’s been like that for years on the View, difference being they only have one conservative surrounded by liberals. In both cases, the one odd man (woman) out makes things a lot more interesting. I appreciate them both.

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