What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/02/11

What’s Hot:

CNN vs. MSNBC – Suddenly the race for 2nd in the primetime Demo is back in the headlines. But will it last?

What’s Not:

Craig Crawford – Crawford left MSNBC because he wasn’t happy with the network’s left turn to POV primetime programming. So what shoe does Crawford appear on last week? Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Come again?

Where’s the bleep? – Seriously FNC, put the seven second delay on permanently for 4 on 1 The Five. Or else, keep a good supply of soap on hand to wash Bob Beckel’s mouth out…


8 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/02/11”

  1. How long has Bob Beckel been a television talking head? I don’t buy it – his mouth is semi-intentional.

  2. It was a Really Big shoe…

  3. Over 20 years, Al. I think he and the late Tony Snow had a talk show.
    Spud, I agree. Institute a seven-second delay. Bob has a Red Eye mouth at the wrong hour.

  4. At least try to pay attention? Crawford’s first appearance on the new Countdown was the first of JULY, and he’s been on repeatedly since then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDoOyQ2AXOc

  5. Thanks for the condescension, Lauren. Just because you watch Countdown every day doesn’t mean everyone does. The show is weak, KO is a tool, and his competition on MSNBC is much better.

  6. thanks Lauren. Perhaps KO and Crawford made a deal from the get go: an opportunity for a segment with a lower tone.

  7. @lauren: Some of us don’t get Current. 935 channels and Current ain’t one of them.

  8. Breaking news…

    […]What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/02/11 « Inside Cable News[…]…

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