Joe Scarborough Trashes Cable News…

Capital New York’s Joe Pompeo writes about Joe Scarborough at an Advertising Week event yesterday when this happened…

“And a lot of information that is not fueled by screaming and rabid ideology that is just stupid,” he said. “I mean, seriously. We were running a press conference of the president, and CNN, I’ll just say it”—nevermind that CNN contributor David Frum was sitting two seats to Scarborough’s right (although Huffington, who moderated the panel, had introduced Frum as an editor-at-large for her website’s Canadian vertical)—”CNN, what’s their slogan? ‘The Greatest Name in News’ or whatever the hell it is, they’re talking to the Balloon Boy’s father’s lawyer. Like, a month later!”

The assembled conference-goers chuckled knowingly.

“All the days that I’m off and I look at the other channels,” he continued, pausing to insert the requisite, “Is this being taped?” caveat, “and I look at the shit that America has to watch; these shows—”

“Don’t name them!” Brzezinski warned.

“I won’t name them,” said Scarborough, “but they would have Tim Russert and Andrea Mitchell and brilliant people like that for the first 45 minutes, from 7 to 7:45, [and then] are onto Britney Spears!”

One Response to “Joe Scarborough Trashes Cable News…”

  1. There going to need a bigger studio just to house Joe’s ego.

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