Trashing Erin Burnett…

My eyebrows were raised last night when I read David Zurawik’s epic trashing of Erin Burnett for her Occupy Wall Street segment. After all, Mediaite’s Frances Martel thought Burnett was in her zone. So I wondered how this segment would play out as time passed by.

Well time has passed by and most of the reactions I’ve seen have been more along the lines of Zurawik’s than Martel’s. Variety’s Brian Lowry trashed her. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald piled on as did The Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins, Daily Bail, and The Atlantic’s Adam Clarke Estes.

It’s early days yet in Burnett’s show but people are now going to be watching to see whether this was just an early stumble or a sign of things to come?


17 Responses to “Trashing Erin Burnett…”

  1. Well it only took Burnett 48 hours to realize she’s not in the CNBC bubble anymore. There, the worst thing that can happen to you is the occasional clip on The Daily Show. Despite their ratings, people actually pay attention to CNN and you can’t get away with every stupid thing you say. Especially if you launching a new show.

  2. It did seem a bit snarky, a bit too aimed at someone like me. I despise the ‘man on the street’ setup, because they inevitably go out of their way to pick the biggest idiots out there. That’s fine for Hannity, but not a “journalist”.

  3. Poor Erin made the mistake of not joining the support group trying to create the Liberal Tea Party, God forbid, she even poked fun at the Wall Street sleep-away camp inhabitants.

  4. I’m hoping this is an early stumble that’ll get fixed soon. Erin Burnett can be dumb but she’s not stupid. Not so sure about those who run CNN though…

  5. Honestly, I agreed with her, and thought it was great. Then it occurred to me that that might not be the effect they should be looking for. A similar approach to a Tea Party-gathering would not have been appreciated, certainly not on a ‘straight’-news program.

  6. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    I’m surprised at the trashing of her show, although I bet 99% of this “hate” for her stems from the OWS protest coverage she’s done this week – much of which paints the crowd in a not-so-pretty light.

  7. As soon as I see that the trashers are all left leaning sites my eyes glaze over .Gee someone who doesn’t fall all over themselves to worship what has now become an organized labor political movement is trashed by the left.surprise surprise.

    Look this movement was unfocused and populist,which is not a bad thing,it was kooky and real,also not a bad thing and her depiction was also don’t dress like a zombie expecting to be taken but so seriously.

    then organized labor stepped in and turned it into a political left movement,a left tea party,are you kidding me?

  8. Who paid for the catered lunch? I ask this seriously since this kind of information tells you who is really behind all of continuation of these protests. Ask who pays for the lodging for those who are there every day that are not from NYC. It is not just these kids, teachers, babies, etc. that are down there showing their discontent.

    We have a pizza place here in Madison called Ian’s Pizza and they actually got phone calls from all around the world, mainly from socialist and communist groups, paying for pizza to be delivered to the protesters. The owner did a news report for one of our local TV stations telling this story. This is why we can’t just look at the protesters as a crazy group of people. We need to ask who is trying to foment discontent in our country and why.

    A group that sponsored all of the protests here in Wisconsin paid for one one of the leaders here to go out to Washington, DC to teach the protesters how to set up a tent city. Mind you, this is in an area they have no permit for. He was to help teach the protesters how to block the police “peacefully” so that so many tents can be set up quickly that the police will be overwhelmed and then not be able to take them all down.

    He was actually on the radio here bragging about this! His group here in Wisconsin gets sponsored by mainly by a George Soros fund.

    I thought Erin’s report wasn’t bad but I know I am biased because I have had to live with protests like this since our new Governor was elected. Protests are still going on here in Wisconsin, not in the same numbers when we were national news but every day there are people protesting. Now I fear it is going to start all over again with these new protests.

  9. Amuk3 Dodd
    Some “Occupy DC” protestors paid to show up, prevent crowd from being entirely white #TeaParty #OWS #tcot

    Amuk3 Dodd
    If it were a #TeaParty it doing this… #OWS #tcot

  10. missy5537 Says:

    Yup, another rent-a-mob.

    And I loved Zurawik’s tribute to Michael Moore: ” don’t often find myself agreeing with Michael Moore, but he has a seriousness, a sense of purpose and even an integrity about what he does that are the very opposite of what Burnett seemed to embody in her first three shows…”.

    Yes, this is the same Michael Moore who has made gazillions ifrom capitalism. Are he and his fellow libs giving up their fortunes to live in mobile homes so that they can help support “the cause”? I think not.

  11. missy5537 Says:

    Sorry; still having problems seing my typing. I HATE this new Word Press thing.

  12. “whether this was just an early stumble or a sign of things to come?”

    Why is this a stumble? Burnett is not a lefty when it comes to business and so she has a POV when doing business stories.

    The fact she went after some of the more ‘photogenic’ protesters is what cable news does; Look at all the the Tea Party video of people in funny costumes from last year.

    Pointing out that all the Wall Street portion of the TARP bailout has been paid back in full, with interest, is just stating a fact that most on the far left and far right just don’t know or believe.

    The show is just getting started and I don’t think condemning it on a single segment; with reviews based on preconceived notions of Burnett POV is right. Lets wait a few weeks and see how it plays out.

  13. MISSY – click STANDARD VIEW and your problems go away. That’s all I use on my iPad for ICN 2.0 use.

  14. starbroker Says:

    Why not use a title that actually sums up the trashing? Liberals trash Erin Burnett’s new show.

    Its a culmination of all the best “Fox Haters” whining because Erin Burnett actually spoke the truth about the losers who are out protesting.

    Those libs believe this is “some movement”. The same type of people who constantly tried to downplay the Tea Party movement. The same people who didn’t object to the Tea Party being called “Tea Baggers” and other snarky things,, but when Erin Burnett looks down her nose at people whining about capitalism (while they are all on their Ipads etc…heaven forbid!).

    Then that one jack@ss who complained the great Michael Moore is too special too appear on her show with only 500K viewers. LOL That never stopped him from showing up on MSNBC. Of course, he also doesn’t mind the terrible hypocrisy of Michael Moore.

  15. missy5537 Says:

    Larry, where would I click on “Standard View”? I am just on a desktop PC (or I could use my laptop).

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