What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/16/11

What’s Hot:

Squawk on the Street expands to three hours – Bye, bye The Call…

Jennifer Granholm to Current – Current’s aggressive move to remake itself continues…

What’s Not:

Hank Williams Jr. – Williams Jr.’s appearance on Fox and Friends is now the subject of a song. Well, at least Hank knows how to capitalize on publicity…

John King – King’s commentary regarding the Michael Jackson autopsy photo his show decided not to air (“We have some standards here”) came back to haunt CNN…

Is this a cable news blog or a dive vacation publicity machine? – Ok, ok…no more Palau dive videos. I won’t air any more from my two trips there.


11 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/16/11”

  1. If it’s your blog, you can do whatever the hell you want. Anyway, made me hungry for fish.

  2. I like watching your dive videos.

  3. More sucking up: The only time I watch dive videos is when you post them. They’re effin cool, keep posting.

  4. Gee Mrs. Cleaver, that’s a lovely dress your wearing.

  5. Hazards of Live Spud!

  6. Spud could call on some of his sea life buddies and Octupi Palau.

    (Yeah, I know it’s wrong. It’s just that “octopuses” sounds wrong-er)

  7. As long as he doesn’t deface any of the reefs.You know how those people are.

  8. Hank said F&F “ask[ed] for my opinion, then twist[ed] it all around.” How do you do that in a live interview? And “two can play that gotcha game, wait and see” was an Olbermann-esque threat.

  9. CNBC ought to rename Power Lunch. It’s on at 1 PM on Wall Street, which I assume means any power lunches are over. Also the show is much different than the old, two-hour version, so a new name makes sense.

  10. Hot: Veronica De La Cruz back on the air during daylight hours on MSNBC. She has been anchoring the 11am timeslot this week!

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