Chris Jansing Interview

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens interviews Chris Jansing in part one of a three part Media Beat series. What makes this odd is that I posted this video before TVNewser did!


24 Responses to “Chris Jansing Interview”

  1. That’s because you have a crush on her 😉

  2. No, I believe that is fritz3 that has the crush!

  3. Pretty much everyone who posts here likes her. And probably everybody else in the country. Some people are just blatantly decent and nice, and to dislike them would be insanity.

  4. Andy’s kidding so I left it alone. I’ve learned how to deal with this type of commentary. If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t have come down so hard on Cecilia nearly three years ago when she posted something that was rather innocuous.

  5. It’s a shame Cecilia isn’t around here anymore. I see her at Mediaite sometimes, which her personality fits not one little bit. She likes to this thing called “real conversation”. Not happening there.

  6. I drove her off. Wasn’t my intention. But stuff happens…

  7. I think I remember her from Olbermann Watch, assuming they’re the same one. We’re such a select group that it’s likely.

  8. Yes, I linked here from Olbermann Watch. I’m not proud..

  9. What makes this odd…

    TVNewser’s a bunch of slackers?

  10. missy5537 Says:

    I remember her, and it was “cella”. She was very nice (i.e., we agreed on most topics), and I was sorry to see her go. But Spud did come down on her big time – one of his few errors, IMO.

    I also wonder whatever happened to “tanne”, “Mr. A”, and “Arthur”. They were all far lefists, so maybe they got sick of defending the regime and MSNBC.

  11. imnotblue Says:

    Where’s “elmonica”?

    Hehehe… you think Joe and I fight now… HA!

  12. Yeah, Blue hasn’t been the same since Unclearthur and Elmo left. Joe’s too damn wily. 😉

  13. The three words that this interview bring to mind re Jansing are: smart, honest and mostly classy.

  14. imnotblue Says:

    What can I say? By day I’m mild manners… but night, I’m feisty online!

    Oh, if only that was true…

    I’m always feisty.

  15. The funniest thing about Elmonica is that a gender could never be ascertained. Misanthropic little she/he.

  16. imnotblue Says:

    Very true. But Elmo was fun… almost always wrong, but always up for the argument.

    I wonder whatever happened to him/her.

  17. People get tired of going to the same sites for the same arguments all time. These are what I like to call “people I don’t understand”.

  18. I was just clowning around with Spud. Although, who could blame him if he did.

    Chris Jansing is the best MSNBC has as far as hard news anchors.

  19. ^ ‘Bangalore’ sounds interesting, though I’m probably reading too much into it.

  20. – Bangalore –

    I think they opened for Kajagoogoo once.

  21. Bangalore? I hardly even know ore!

    Tip your waiter.

  22. Chris Jansing should be anchoring more than one of MSNBC Dayside a day. She’s one of the only sane anchors left over at MSNBC..

  23. Doh! That should say more than one hour of MSNBC Dayside a day.

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