Free for All: 10/25/11

What’s on your mind?


60 Responses to “Free for All: 10/25/11”

  1. What’s on my mind? The Morning Joe planted image of Bill Karins and Ed Schultz in a hot tub. Now it’s in yours. Don’t thank me.

  2. That’s where tiny bubbles go to die.

  3. Hey, does anybody know when CNN will announce a permanent anchor team for American Morning?

    Also, whatever happened to MSNBC’s Monica Novotny? I haven’t seen her in probably a year.

  4. Monica is no longer with MSNBC.

    CNN will probably announce soon since they just hired someone who is rumored to be heading to that program. Now that they relaunched primetime (albeit unsuccessfully in my view), maybe they can focus on other programming.

  5. It seems to me that Morning Joe has shifted to leaning more to the left. Major part of the show devoted to tearing down the Republcan presidential candidates. That fits in nicely with what is normal for PM MSNBC. Joe has made some calculations.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    “It’s sad with only 57,000 followers on Twitter that you are topping your broadcast.”

    I’m gonna have to score this one for The Donald.

  7. You are incorrect. Joe has never had any use for idiots in the GOP (see: past comments about Sarah Palin). Unfortunately, there’s a plethora of them running for President.

  8. You could be right. Don’t remember Joe ever having much good to say about Palin. Mika offerered more support to her when personal attacks were made.

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    People you don’t like = idiots. You have a bumbling, stumbling crazy uncle as your V.P. But, that’s just Joe (Biden) being Joe. You know, cuz he rides the train to work. Republicans and Democrats are held to much different standards. Another of your top nominees the last go round was busy getting some chick pregnant while his wife was dying of cancer. Another was Dennis Kucinich.

  10. I wouln’t call Dennis a top nominee. He was on the fringe with Rev. Al.

  11. lonestar77 Says:

    I didn’t mean to imply Kucinich was a top nominee, just Edwards. He was a fringe candidate like Bachmann.

  12. When Dennis was mayor of Cleveland, he championed what was called at the time, “the politics of confrontation”. Dennis was 30 years ahead of his time.

  13. He also lead the city into bankruptcy. Voinovich lead them out.

  14. Hey, with a higher dosage, Bachmann coulda been a contender.

  15. lonestar77 Says:

    The point is, the media tries to take the fringe candidates on the Republican side label every Republican in the country that way. It’s an Alinsky tactic. They don’t do the same on the Dem. side.

    As for Joe, he knows where his bread is buttered. He’s a “conservative” that the MSM and elites can tolerate and that’s a conservative who’s willing to spend as much time bashing his own party as he is bashing the other side. You won’t find many Dems like that at MSNBC or CNN or ABCCBSNBC. But, it’s basically a qualification to get on TV as a conservative. See, Kathleen Parker.

  16. You won’t find many Dems like that at MSNBC or CNN or ABCCBSNBC.

    If you weren’t such a hater on Cenk Uygur, LS, you would have seen how overtly critical he was of Obama as much as possible on MSNBC… and they didn’t want him to be. That’s why he was let go.

  17. When did Monica leave MSNBC?

  18. The best justification for “Perry as idiot” is reviving the previously moribund birther issue. WHY do people have to pander to that man, and make themselves equally foolish in the process? Don’t piss and moan about the press, while simultaneously serving them the wet noodle with which to smack you.

  19. Cenk’s Current TV show might be worth watching,especially if he wants to actually debate conservatives.

  20. Networks and cable news channels mostly silent on anti-semitism at OWS protests

    So, even mentioning the word “Jews” on a sign is seen as anti-Semitic? Interesting.

    It’s pretty funny how one or two signs spotted by conservatives considered anti-Semetic are an attempt to paint the entire movement that way.

  21. lonestar77 Says:

    I think we’re talking about slightly different things. Cenk hit Obama from the left. Joe’s not hitting Republicans from the right, he’s hitting them from the left just like everybody else in the media does.

  22. “So, even mentioning the word “Jews” on a sign is seen as anti-Semitic? Interesting.”


  23. lonestar77 Says:

    There have been more anti-Jew & anti-white signs in the brief OWS existence than there was anything remotely racist in all the time the tea party has been around. The media hunted for a single sign at any event and played that for days and used it to villify the entire movement. Per usual, these same MSM people ignore the hate and overall craziness that is OWS.

  24. He will, crp… Cenk has vowed openly how he loves to debate conservatives and that he can handle them well. From watching him, I think he lives up to the hype.

  25. imnotblue Says:

    @ Prog

    You are right that Cenk took on the left… but only for not being farther left. That’s an important distinction.

    As for anti-Semitism… I guess what goes around, comes around. The Tea Party was branded racist, because of a few stupid people. And now, the same for OWS. You made the bed, sleep in it.

    But if you’re trying to defend those statements, it shows just how little shame you have. Answer me this, why was “Jewish” or “Jew” mentioned at all? How is religion relevant to OWS?

  26. There have been more anti-Jew & anti-white signs in the brief OWS existence than there was anything remotely racist in all the time the tea party has been around.

    Prove it, LS. Show evidence of there being more of those signs at the OWS protests than the anti-Obama, anti-black, anti-Muslim, signs at the tea parties. You’ll be digging at the bottom of the barrel to get it.

  27. But if you’re trying to defend those statements, it shows just how little shame you have. Answer me this, why was “Jewish” or “Jew” mentioned at all? How is religion relevant to OWS?

    I can spend all day exposing your lack of shame, INB… so stop throwing stones.

    As far as the the “Jew” signs, I don’t know why they were mentioned. The sign shown on Martin Bashir’s program shows the displeasure that some people have with Israel and their relationship with the Arab population. That’s what I gathered.

  28. The Anti-Defamation League disagrees with you. When they see signs that read ‘Wall Street Jews’, and ‘Jewish Billionaires’, for some odd reason they don’t see that as a sophisticated analysis of Israel and its Arab population. They see it as anti-seminitism.

  29. imnotblue Says:

    @ Prog

    So OWS now has something to do with American/Israeli relations?

    Or maybe it’s just more of the 9/11 Trutherism that you still won’t address.

    You’re desire to defend those you agree with politically isn’t unique. But for someone who does it so often, you’d think you’d be better at it.

  30. INB, trutherism and anti-semitism merged at the OWS. One sign read: “Jews did 9/11”. Another blamed Mossad. Nope, no antisemitism there.

  31. lonestar77 Says:

    Cut the OWS people some slack. Most don’t really know what they’re doing. They just draw signs that they’ve seen at every other lefty protest and head for the streets. Jews suck. Rich people suck. White people suck. Rich, white, Jews really suck. Blah, blah, blah.

  32. When anti-Semites use the word “Jew” they are talking about race not religion. A large percentage of the Jews of Belin in the 30’s hadn’t been religious for a generation. Mattered not to the Nazis.

  33. imnotblue Says:

    ^ I remember someone once saying that protests like this were just excuses for young people to get laid. They don’t really care (or understand) the issue, they just know free sex.

    Oh alright, it was me. I’m brilliant.

  34. The Herman Cain ad is awesomely bizarre. Here’s my theory on the Godfather:

    “Jump the shark” is a riff on the Fonz jumping a shark tank on his motorcycle, which was a riff on Evel Kneivel jumping busses. Every few months Kneivel would show up on Wide World of Sports to jump a progressively higher number of busses. Herman Cain is trying to jump the most sharks.

  35. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ Still haven’t seen it.

  36. I love the idea that Cain, a cancer survivor, is somehow trying to promote cigarette smoking. Cuz ya know, I’m always seeing wrinkled old men flack for Phillip Morris (or whatever they call themselves now).

  37. ^ I hope you’re addressing an amorphis “left”. The only thing I see is some guy who looks like Kolchak: The Night Stalker blowing smoke in my face, then Cain throwing Evil Grin. It’s hilarious.

  38. Oops, I linked the article so LS could see the ad. I hadn’t read their silliness about smoking.

  39. My addressing is generally amorphous. Ask anyone.

  40. Dang, I knew misspelled ‘amorphous’.

  41. Herman Cain has a friendly grin.

  42. “I amm..Americaaa..” That song kills.

  43. More brilliant weirdness, in which Frank Luntz does perhaps a better job of exposing himself as a magician for the highest bidder than he intended.

  44. Speaking of odd campaigns, this one’s like you combined Deliverance and Blazing Saddles and then it got really weird.

  45. Is it just me or is the GOP primary turning into a very bad joke?

  46. All primaries are like a bad joke – think “Howard Dean”. These campaigns can be both irritating and funny at the same time but they serve their purpose.

  47. Oh, goody. Live local news at 0100 in Woodruff Park. They got the horses out. Bet they’d rather be asleep.

  48. Suspicious package! Peaceful bomb threats!

  49. Unfortunately, those bomb threats are coming from opponents of the movement. If people are getting out of hand, let the cops deal with it. Take your badass “American justice” and go home.

  50. I’m sure he’s just a plant, too.

    11AliveNews 11Alive News
    RT @ReporterBlayne: Mayor Reed: concerns increased today when we saw gentleman in park with AK-47. 53 arrests…

  51. A preliminary estimate on what this pointless exercise will cost.

    11AliveNews 11Alive News
    RT @ReporterBlayne: @kasimreed: “we know for a fact we have crossed $300,000 mark” in terms of funds/resources spent

  52. It’s the only way. Every protest movement that made radical change (Vietnam, Civil Rights) started this way. The system is criminally unfair to the average person, and nothing but a national uprising will turn the ship around. The politicians and the power brokers will never pay attention until it’s everywhere.

  53. It will reflect the history of liberalism in this country. Which is to say that it costs a buttload of money, and either accomplishes nothing or makes things worse. Which you will then blame on conservatives, and wish to do more of the same. Sad, yet funny.

  54. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say we disagree. Then I’m gonna climb back off that limb and let someone else do the endless point/counterpoint which will end exactly where it began.

  55. Bottom line: OWS is like fish, the longer it stays, the more it smells.

  56. ICN headline: Man Saws Off Own LImb

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