Imus vs. O’Reilly?

The Cutline’s Dylan Stableford writes about Don Imus cancelling a Bill O’Reilly appearance on his FBN show…

Bill O’Reilly was supposed to be a guest on Don Imus’ radio show–simulcast weekdays on the Fox Business channel–on Tuesday morning to plug “Killing Lincoln,” O’Reilly’s new book about the 16th president’s assassination. But Imus canceled O’Reilly’s appearance the program. Why? The shock jock was apparently incensed that O’Reilly, the top-rated Fox News host, plugged an his appearance on Tuesday’s “Today” show during Monday night’s “O’Reilly Factor” without mentioning Imus.

“[O’Reilly’s representatives] asked to be on to promote his dopey book,” Imus told listeners Tuesday, adding that he watched O’Reilly’s show Monday night looking for a mention. “He says, ‘I am going to be on the ‘Today’ show tomorrow morning.’ I said, ‘That’s nice.’ I am waiting for ‘and I am going to be on with my friend Imus.’ I didn’t hear that.”


6 Responses to “Imus vs. O’Reilly?”

  1. The up side of Don Imus joining the Fox Mothership? Don Imus will talk smack about them while taking their money.

  2. It’s what Imus does and I wouldn’t be much surprised if the smack was planned.

  3. When you look up thin skinned in the dictionary a picture of Don Imus pops up. Also old and saggy skin, but that’s another story.

    Billo probably has a number of appearances on different shows coming up to hawk his ‘book’ on. Imus viewers are not likely to buy it unless it comes with crayons.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    I agree with Al… this sure does sound like a set up, to draw more viewers/ratings for both.

  5. Imus still thinks he’s a major player. Hate to have him find out his star has faded.

  6. My speculation borders on fantasy, but I can imagine a conversation something like:
    Bill O’Reilly- “I have to do three morning programmes in two hours and I don’t want to do your dopey radio show, anyway.”
    Don Imus – “”Aw, c’mon. We’re in the same family so how about a little ratings help from the big cable man?”
    BO – “You come up with something, Imus. Run it by me first.”
    DI – “Deal. I have an idea.”

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