CNNI Drops Jim Clancy’s The Brief…

CNN International’s Jim Clancy made an announcement on Twitter last night…

The Brief makes way for a new program based in Abu Dhabi and an expansion of the i-Desk…

The Television media is all about change — like most other endeavors. But we’re working on how to get you your ‘Brief’ fix ! 😉

Jim Clancy will still be seen daily (or almost) in many roles! Remember, I was a correspondent for YEARS before I ever anchored.

I just LOVE The Brief team and the concept — and most of all, the audience that makes it worth doing: YOU!

This news comes almost two years to the day CNN originally took the wraps off its Abu Dhabi studios and began broadcasting Prism; the first show from the region. One wonders if this increased emphasis on the Middle East region is a response to a perceived threat from the Arab Spring induced rise in prominence of Al Jazeera. I’m going to assume that it’s Michael Holmes’ I-Desk slot that’s getting expanded. But what happens to World Sport which follows that half hour? Is it staying or going?

Update: It’s not Holmes’ I-Desk but Hala Gorani’s that’s getting expanded which makes absolutely no sense based on Clancy’s tweets because Gorani’s I-Desk airs a full hour and a half after The Brief. So something else is going to be happening to the schedule. World Sport at 15:30 GMT being dropped/moved? Or maybe the rotating group of taped half hours at 17:30 GMT? We shall see…


8 Responses to “CNNI Drops Jim Clancy’s The Brief…”

  1. Spud, your “Trump vs O’Donnell… yawn” post garnered 24 comments, while these last two posts about CNN personnel predictably received none!

    Also, that Jehmu Greene is something else! She came right out on FNW, stating that the media must distinguish between 0bama’s “we can’t wait” strategy (in essence, ignoring an entire branch of government) vs that of Congress and everyone else. IOW, she admitted that they are worked to get 0bama re-elected!!!!!

  2. “they are “working” to get 0 re-elected”.

  3. It’s politics, Missy. Obama has no hope of negotiating with the Republicans, so he’s running the “I’m the President, dammit” table. He really doesn’t have a choice. Go all in, and see what happens.

  4. Btw, it’s nice to hear from you, Missy. I wish you would post here more. I disagree with everything you say and think you’re totally bonkers mental, but you’re so charming about it..

  5. Thanks Joe (I guess). And I love usurping these threads that I know no one will post on! Maybe I’ll post some recipes next time!

  6. Press Releases, AKA “Missy’s Notepad!”.

  7. Maybe Jim Clancy can join Soledad in the morning. It would be like the Roberts/Chetry pairing, only worse!

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