What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/30/11

What’s Hot:

Christiane Amanpour back to CNN? – There’s probably nothing to it but it’s not the kind of story ABC or CNN needs to deal with.

Alan Chernoff exits CNNI – Chernoff heads to a PR firm…

CNBC signs with Arbitron – This is pretty big news as it signals a strategic change by the network to get past the “Nielsen barrier” and measure out of home viewing which the network has for years said constitutes a large percentage of its viewership. The question I have is how long before FBN follows suit?

Jim Clancy loses his CNNI show – The network’s Abu Dhabi bureau will get a new show.

Hala Gorani – And Gorani gets back a half hour of her I-Desk show.

American Morning’s imminent demise – All signs point to a change being announced next week.

Ali Velshi – And one of the changes according to The New York Times’ Brian Stelter is Velshi will get a CNNI business show.

What’s Not:

Donald Trump – Trump gins up a fake spat with Lawrence O’Donnell.

The media coverage of Trump’s Spat – And the Media falls for it again…

CNBC Portfolio Challenge Trouble; 2011 Edition – CNBC’s Portfolio Challenge is in the news again and like four years ago it’s because of contestants gaming the system.


4 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/30/11”

  1. Man, what a pathetic week for cable-news news. I’m starting to miss Glenn Beck..

  2. Stelter says Banfield to 5am, Soledad at 7. Soledad retweeted it.

  3. CNN news, yawn.

  4. missy5537 Says:

    I think my earlier post got edited out. Anyway, it is a pathetic week if CNN news, most of it “behind the scenes” anyway, is hot!

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