CNNI Launches “Global Exchange”

News on News writes about the new CNNI business show airing out of Abu Dhabi called “Global Exchange”…

Launching November 7th new prime time business show airs Sunday – Thursdays live from Abu Dhabi as network continues to expand its business programming portfolio 11am ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET.

CNN International is expanding its business programming portfolio this autumn with the launch of ‘Global Exchange’, an hour-long weekday focus on the emerging markets looking at how emerging market news is framing the new world order.

Alert to the huge impact that the BRICS and other emerging markets are having on the world’s economy, ‘Global Exchange’ will report, analyse and interpret the events, players, trends and indices that are impacting and influencing the global financial community, at a time when business has never been a more significant part of the news agenda.


2 Responses to “CNNI Launches “Global Exchange””

  1. Maybe they could combine Global Exchange with Global Public Squuare and sell global subliminal liberalism on a stick.

  2. Interprete Traducteur…

    […]CNNI Launches “Global Exchange” « Inside Cable News[…]…

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