What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…


37 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. imnotblue Says:

    -Solyndra scandal continues to stay in the news
    -Cain’s accusations / Politico under fire
    -OWS violence and arrests make headlines

    -Michael Moore freaks out on reporter for asking him about his wealth

  2. Not: John Corzine reputation.

    Not: the use of “Democratic” in front of former Senator John Corzine nor former Governor John Corzine nor former speed-demon John Corzine. [except FNC 🙂 ]

  3. Hot: Wicked Cool Oakland OWS.

  4. Hot: Greece demonstrating it is possibly the stupidest country on the face of the earth.

    Not: Obama in France with nothing to offer the G20 but a goofy grin.

  5. HOT: Greece coverage.
    HOT: Herman Cain scandal.
    NOT HOT: Herman Cain’s nine different stories.
    HOT (for Joe): NASCAR bans Kyle Busch from Texas races.
    NOT: Conservatives attitude that only scandals involving Democrats deserve to be in the news.

  6. I don’t support violence, and Occupy Oakland is pissed off about it, too. I’m not going to be slandered with that crap here.

  7. ^ who is talking about you?

  8. Hot: Wicked Cool Oakland OWS.

    You quoted me.

  9. “I like violence because they smell so sweet”

    Bullwinkle J. Moose
    Frostbite Falls, Minnesota

  10. You are so narcissistic. Picked that up from a Harry Potter movie. Don’t be such a muggle.

  11. I’m not a narcissist, it just happens to really be all about me. #nailedit

    NOT: Erin Burnett OutFront. The show is even worse than the oddly presented title. Where’s all the “edgy, different” stories? And where is Spud’s scathing review?

  12. Joe, perhaps there is so much to write about that he’s never going to finish it.

  13. Tried watching OutFront a few times and even tried just listening on Sirius, because sometimes that’s better. It’s pretty bad when I’m looking forward to the advertisement minutes.

  14. ^ Sorry, they’re called “commercials” here.

  15. Quite all right old chap. If you just toss the electric torch in the boot, I’ll give you a lift in the lorry, ‘leftenant’.

  16. @Al: It’s very easy to watch OutFront on mute.

  17. ^ true with MSNBC. They are mostly a pleasant looking bunch.

  18. Not Hot: The economic panic reporting regarding Greece. An important story, for sure, but I find it difficult to believe that our domestic economy would much notice the default of a country whose GDP is about the same size as that of our Maryland. Sounds more like priming the pumps for more bailouts to me.

    Hot: FBN’s dismal ratings. I don’t think this can be explained away simply with their lower carriage rate.

    Not: Chris Matthews about an FNC job offer…. from a decade ago.

    Hot: CNN’s American Morning changes, including Ali Velshi’s new assignment.

    Hot: Aside from HLN, we’ve been largely spared the minute-by-minute of the Conrad Murry trial.

  19. NOT: The Gingrich/Cain “debate” on CSPAN. Newt sold books while Cain auditioned to be his VP. The elephant in the room was avoided..hilariously so when Cain said “there’s a lotta cheating in this country”. That’s comedy, people.

  20. — debate —

    My favorite part was the repeating-theme of “No, you go first, Newt”. It was like one giant open-book test.

  21. NOT: Lawrence O’Donnell calling for the firestorming of the National Restaurant Association HQ during his MSNBC show. Fortunately, his “suggestion” went unheeded, although his journalistic integrity took quite a hit.

  22. Hot : applause for Cain’s “many of the media are dishonest” line. The media, only thing that rates lower than Congress and PCMATIC DOT COM commercials.

  23. >> although his journalistic integrity took quite a hit. <<

    Larry-O was a Congressional staffer and a TV writer. He is not a journalist. He does frequently waltz ove the integrity line though.

  24. NOT: Rock Center

    At least not yet. Buzzless, if there is such a word.

  25. Not: “What’s Hot and What’s Not”. Never got the official blog results. For the lack of a DSL modem, the nation suffers.

    HOT: Obama’s mattress of cash from bankers.
    FLASH: Pres. Obama raises $15.6 million from Wall Street. More than all Republicans combined. Put that in your hat and occupy it.

  26. I’d ditch this prez and every candidate except Huntsman and Roemer, then add Kucinich. Bring it.

  27. imnotblue Says:

    Really? With Kucinich though you never know how long he’ll be around for. I mean, the aliens might come back, and this time pick him up!


    Are we really looking for an intergalactic “incident?”

  28. Kucinich = moonbat

  29. Dennis will be lucky to be a Congessman a year from now. Might have to become a lobbyist for Syria.

  30. or the planet Zoloft.

  31. Are we really looking for an intergalactic “incident?”

    Are you kidding? For Breaking News junkies, that’s the Holy Grail, man!

  32. Do open borders people believe that includes space aliens too?

  33. Well, I would assume the alternative could be problematic. Greeting an alien with guns drawn and “Get off my planet!”..not a good first move..

  34. ^ What if they want to vote Republican?


  35. BLAST EM.


  37. ШИК Галичина…

    […]What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions… « Inside Cable News[…]…

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