Layoffs at CNN…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes about some cutbacks that were announced at CNN today…

CNN Senior VP Jack Womack writes in a note to staff that the cuts come after a 3-year analysis of the company’s work processes.

The CNN Library, which houses CNN’s archives, is centralizing in Atlanta. The library in CNN New York is closing, while there will be cuts in staff at the library in Washington, DC. New positions will be added to the CNN Library in Atlanta.

“As a result of these technology and workflow changes, CNN is reducing the number of media editors in our work force in Atlanta,” Womack writes, adding, “Some photojournalists will be departing the company.”

One Response to “Layoffs at CNN…”

  1. “Some photojournalists will be departing the company.”

    ^ With the advent of cell phone cameras and the rise of the citizen journalist, like I-reporters, the use of photojournalists is probably headed the way of print typesetters. There will still be a few around for the next few years but it’s not a career path I would recommend for a highschool student.

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