Free for All: 11/14/11

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  1. the peppy enthusiastic reporting by all news outlets save FNC has been tempered by reality not matching conjured illusion.

  2. for OWS coverage

  3. 60’s counterculture was BS too

  4. Alex Wagner is the whole package, I can deal with this show.

  5. Alex Wagner was pretty good as a first time host in her debut show today. She looked a bit nervous but I think the show has the potential to last.

    The format is almost identical to the Chris Hayes show; which is probably because it is safe and easy to produce. I expect we may get some tweaks as the host and producers get more comfortable with the format.

    If I have any complaint it’s that Wagner was on the same side of the desk as her guests. I imagine they did this to try and make the show’s ‘look’ different from the other MSNBC productions. It didn’t work for me because she has to constantly look to the side to see her panelists. Having the host opposite the guest is much more appealing.

  6. Chris Hayes/Alex Wagner would be a great replacement for Morning Joe when Joe and Mika go to CBS.

  7. “If I have any complaint it’s that Wagner was on the same side of the desk as her guests.”

    That always worked for Olbermann. Oh wait, you said same side OF THE DESK…

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  9. al – fell off ladder onto sidewalk the other day and now have a right snuff box injury — minor swelling but can move the thumb.

    That said, how long should I leave it splinted before testing?


  10. NOW was ok, but the “same side of the desk” thing did bug me bit.

  11. Gloria Cain steps forward to proclaim Herb “totally respects women”. Well, it’s settled then.

  12. ^ Sans time machine, exactly what would need to happen for you to be convinced that Cain isn’t guilty?

  13. The polling on Cain’s culpability are about as useless. Gee, a majority of R’s believe him. Yeah, there’s a surprise. How about ‘No one knows, because we weren’t there’?

  14. Sans time machine, exactly what would need to happen for you to be convinced that Cain isn’t guilty?

    Let’s see, I’d start with him not changing his story five times in one day; then he would not spend the next week claiming everything was “baseless” and “false”, he never did anything bad ever ever ever; then he wouldn’t call Pelosi “Princess Nancy” and make a joke about Anita Hill. Oh, and Bialek would sound like she made the story up out of thin air for no particular reason.

    Sorry, the dude’s a scumbag.

  15. Oh, and he doesn’t know anything, either. At Saturday’s debate he kept padding his answers with extra words to disguise the fact that he wasn’t saying anything. This is worse:

  16. ^ Heard that on CNN, missed the intro, and couldn’t even recognize his voice right away. He was caught, knew it, and couldn’t BS his way out of it. At least Santorum has a clue.

  17. So the NBA lockout or whatever is going to drag on for a while.

    Since most cities are trying to push ‘occupy’ protesters off public parks, they should occupy sport arenas and golf courses instead. Isn’t outrageous for a few men to get payed millions of dollars for throwing a ball around or swinging a silly stick.

  18. Rightwing propaganda: OWS is about anger that some people are rich.

    That’s crap. It’s about the growing chasm between the rich and poor, with the middle class disappearing at the hands of a few idiots in Washington and New York. You people don’t listen, you just decide what you think is the truth, then repeat it endlessly to each other.

  19. Terrence: You’re seeking medical advice over a cable news blog??? You are a crazy man. Must say, though, quite impressed that you identified the snuff box.

    Sorry, I simply should not and won’t provide specific medical advice in this fashion. Because it’s an impact injury, though, it could easily be a fracture so you should have it looked at if your haven’t already. Whenever I splint hand injuries I ask the patient to see their regular doc after about a week.

  20. I never made that claim but I think it’s fair to say that (or anything else ranging from serious to the ridiculous) since the whole movement is so fragmented.

    Why ruin and/or take up public park spaces meant for the ENTIRE public. Arena’s are better. After all, these athletes’ greed is fueling the problem of the widening income gap. Same with some pop stars. They make millions and rarely do I see them do anything that would help the needy unless if it’s some sort of PR stunt. If these people were more charitable and use their money in EFFECTIVE ways of helping the poor (i.e. skills training programs, grants, etc), we wouldn’t need much gov’t intervention. They live in gigantic mansions and own a pair of expensive shoes for every day of the year.

  21. Cuffy
    Sleep-deprived Cain stumbles into bathroom, finds Bobby Ewing holding a seminar on collective bargaining. #ItWasJustADream

  22. I don’t think there’s an issue with rich people “not giving enough”. If I were rich, I wouldn’t make a point of publicizing my donations, just like I don’t mention every 20 I’ve ever handed a homeless person. We have no idea how much celebrities give, but I’m willing to bet it’s a lot.

  23. Wow, Whoopie’s right. Gloria Cain looks just like her husband!

  24. That’s crap. It’s about the growing chasm between the rich and poor, with the middle class disappearing at the hands of a few idiots in Washington and New York.

    It may have started out that way but not only are not accomplishing anything worth a damn, damaging basically anything in sight that even looks like it cost money, and clashing with every single police force known to man but now they seem to be more and more anti-anything-or-anyone-that-involves-money-in-any-way-shape-or-form.

    Yay, progress FTW…

  25. Whoopie should be talking about anybody’s looks.

  26. If it takes people’s minds off of hers.

  27. What leaves a bigger mess in Oakland, CA?

    a) when the circus leaves town?

    b) when OWS leaves town?

    c) when people give winos money?

  28. Oh I see, all homeless people are winos. Hey, if you’re that effing poor, I hope you take my money and buy a cheeseburger and a six-pack, and enjoy the hell out of both.

  29. That diet will kill him.

  30. Uh huh. Nobody in this country eats cheeseburgers and drinks beer. They’re all dead.

  31. Sometimes the money given to that person on the street does hasten. their death and sometimes that friendly gesture of giving saves a life. Hopefully your inner voice directs you to make the right choices.

  32. I’m reasonably careful. We have our “career panhandlers” around here, which I generally avoid. But there’s plenty of “newbies” since the economy crashed, including many more women than used to be common. I’ve been that poor, and it’s devastating.

  33. The Giffords interview was amazing. Words fail.

  34. Lucky for us they took the videos and shared them.

  35. The press rarely focuses on people recovering from such injuries. The whole recovery seems made for TV.

  36. It’s stunning to watch. Her therapist is a saint.

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