Press Releases: 11/16/11

Bloomberg (1)



Tune in at 9pm/ET for Bloomberg Television’s live half-hour special, “Berlusconi: End of an Empire,” with host Sara Eisen. Eisen, who was stationed on the ground in Rome just 10 days ago, has reported extensively on Europe’s debt crisis and specifically on Italy’s struggle to tackle its woes.

Following his resignation on Saturday, Bloomberg TV will examine former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s legacy on a nation on the brink of a breakdown, tracing his path from media mogul to Italy’s longest-serving PM since World War II. Tune in to Bloomberg TV for analysis on the implications of Berlusconi’s disordered reign and why his power all came crashing down. Will his successor, Mario Monti, succeed in getting Italy’s economy back on track?

Hear from a line-up of experts including:

– Mario Baldassarri, Italian Senate Finance Committee Chairman
– Maurizio Viroli, Professor of Political Theory, Princeton University and author of “The Liberty of Servants: Berlusconi’s Italy”
– Vivien Schmidt, Director of the Center for the Study of Europe, Professor of European Integration and International Relations, Boston University
– Roberto Dainotto, Chair of Romance Studies and Professor of Italian Studies, Duke University


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