What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/20/11

What’s Hot:

Now with Alex Wagner – MSNBC’s new 12pm show debuted this week. It’s all talk and no news and it’s mostly politics. MSNBC is hoping it will plant a flag in dayside but I have severe reservations based on it’s place in the schedule, despite the show being pretty solid this week.

Jim Romenesko Invades FNC PR’s henhouse – Romenesko is working on a story on FNC PR’s Irena Briganti. What Romenesko ends up doing is anybody’s guess. But FNC apparently isn’t happy about it as evidenced by what Politico’s Ben Smith writing that FNC was trying to get “friendly” writers to speak up for Briganti.

FBN’s Adam Shapiro gets hecked by OWS – That a news reporter got heckled is nothing new. That the video of the heckling, courtesy of yours truly, blew up on the internet, is also nothing new. But it’s the kind of water cooler thing that just drives the ideological internet into a tizzy…

Cavuto vs. Imus – Cause and Effect: Don Imus lashes out at his FBN viewers for not consistently watching him…Neil Cavuto lashes out at Imus…

Joy Behar out at HLN – This one really does put the “mutual” into “mutually agreed to”…

What’s Not:

An Politico/MSNBC relationship? – The start of week was preoccupied with a Daily Caller story trying to make the case of a Politico/MSNBC relationship. I’m not willing to dismiss the possibility completely. But I am willing to dismiss the Caller’s evidence, or lack thereof, completely.

Natalie Wood case re-opened – The LA PD re-opened the case of Natalie Wood’s 1981 death. That’s not what makes this “not hot”. What makes it “not hot” is the media going absolutely ape over it. If the LA PD winds up coming up with nothing will the media say, “Whoops! I guess we jumped the gun.” Don’t hold your breath…


17 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/20/11”

  1. Hot: Luke Russert filling in for Chuck Todd on Daily Rundown tomorrow. I’m pretty sure he’s never hosted a show before.

  2. — Natalie Wood —

    The press saw “mystery”, they saw pretty pictures, and they decided it was news. It’s like the media-version of an IPO during the tech-boom.

  3. You posted this too soon.

    HOT: The NASCAR Final, went all the way to the wire and ended with a tie! How about that for Michelle Obama’s first race!

  4. I hope she enjoyed the show, but I question the wisdom of bringing her there. What were the chances that a bunch of drunk, dumbass rednecks we’re gonna boo her? Great race, though, but dang..with the rain delays, that sucker was on all day!

  5. I think I’ll be working in the department that has MSNBC on their tellys on Tuesday. Will try to catch Now with Alex Wagner so I know what’s being discussed.

  6. Ah, “rednecks.” One of the few still acceptable racial slurs.

    Of course, this stuff has happened before:


    And that’s just from a really really simple search. (Apparently, it happened to Laura Bush too at a boxing event, but I can’t find specifics.)

    But you know, whatever. I guess some folks (not necessarily Joe) will forget stuff like that, and whine and carry on about the Obama/Biden boo-ing.

    Personally, I think it’s classless BOTH ways. But one person’s classless, it’s another person’s “Expressing their first amendment rights…” and blah blah blah.

    Face it… it’s the nasty world we live in. People suck. Get over it.

  7. I have no memory/knowledge of Laura Bush being booed, and would gladly punch the idiot who did it in the mouth. President’s are gonna get booed. They ran for the job; they make the big decisions; they can handle it. The First Ladies are another matter..they don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Michelle didn’t deserve ESPN asking her if she supported Tony because he drove a Chevy, either. I couldn’t believe it.

  8. Whoa. The NASCAR booing has 980 comments at Mediaite. No, I’m not going to read them.

  9. Smart plan, it aint pretty.

  10. I broke down and read the first 20 or so. Most of Mediaite’s comments aren’t even about the article anymore. Some guy says Crazy Righty Stuff, then another guy says Crazy Lefty Stuff, then some chick named WC tells people that she told them yesterday not to talk to her anymore so “why are you talking to me?”. It’s all terribly illuminating.

  11. Mediaite’s comments are never about the article.

  12. What? I guess I know what we’ll be getting into tomorrow. The Big Scary Terrorist in NY has emotional problems, lives with his mom, bought some junk at Home Depot, and has had his hand held by an “informant” for two years. They’ve gotta stop trotting these people out who were talked into their terror fantasies by undercover people. The FBI wouldn’t even take the case. Nice work, Mr. Mayor.

  13. ^ maybe if he was left to just meander on his own and give a few scattered dead bodies the story would be better.

  14. What exactly is the definition of “WHAT’S NOT”?

    a) stories that have fizzled out?

    b) stories that are not being covered but should be?

    c) stories that are being covered but shouldn’t be?

    d) stories that irritate Spud?

  15. Love that the conspiracy folks have already gone to, “This terror arrest was just to distract from Bloomberg’s destroying OWS…” and blah blah blah.

    The guy was a loon, he got caught being a loon, and just because he’s a loon doesn’t mean he couldn’t have caused real damage. One less loon on the street… hooray! And moving on…

  16. We’ll see. These people who establish “plans” with an undercover co-conspirator leave me skeptical. I have no qualm with tracking them and busting them. Announcing it as a big terror bust of an al Qaeda sympathizer seems a bit much.

  17. What exactly is the definition of “WHAT’S NOT”?

    All of the above though it’s more than just that.

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