Meghan McCain Joins MSNBC as a Contributor…Again.

MSNBC announced today that Meghan McCain has joined MSNBC as a contributor…


McCain will appear on ‘NOW with Alex Wagner’ today

NEW YORK – November 21, 2011 – Meghan McCain has joined MSNBC as a contributor, with her first appearance today at noon ET on “NOW with Alex Wagner.” She has been a frequent MSNBC guest since 2009.

“I couldn’t more be excited to be joining the MSNBC family,” said McCain. “It’s a unique opportunity to share my perspective as a Republican on a network I respect and have built a relationship with over the past two years.”

If you feel like you are experiencing Deja Vu here, there’s a reason for that. This news was baked in long ago. I went searching the internet for where I’d read this already, because I had read it already, but I couldn’t find it. However, Johnny Dollar reported that McCain was unveiled on the air as an MSNBC contributor as far back as November 2nd. Thomas Roberts welcomed her to the family on the air even.

Either someone didn’t keep track of McCain’s earlier appearances prior to today’s announcement and erroneous claim that her first MSNBC appearance as a contributor will be on Now with Alex Wagner or this release was meant more to give Now a push rather than announce McCain’s arrival. I have no idea which is more accurate.

Update: TVNewser’s Alex Weprin has some more background…which I have to assume came from MSNBC itself.

She made her first regular appearance as a paid member of the MSNBC family on “NOW with Alex Wagner” during the noon ET hour

Ohhhhh…her first paid appearance. That changes everything…

ok…not really. We’re getting into extremely technical/lawyerly definition territory here. Is a first appearance not really a first appearance if you’re not getting paid yet as per your contract? Either it all depends upon what your definition of “is” is….or it’s similar to the “when is an exclusive not really an exclusive” shell game that goes on in TV news.

Update 2: My fish in a barrel shooting aside, what obviously happened is Thomas Roberts probably jumped the gun in revealing the news. The clue to that is what McCain said when Roberts revealed it

I am very excited! I didn’t know it was going to be announced, but I am excited to join the MSNBC family

Ok, so the Nov 2nd reveal may have been a mistake but it doesn’t change the fact it was her first appearance, post announcement, paid or not.


34 Responses to “Meghan McCain Joins MSNBC as a Contributor…Again.”

  1. The show was much better today. In spite of Meghan’s “RINO” status amongst Tea Party Republicans, she delivered a decidedly more conservative POV than the liberal guests on the panel, and was joined by Michael Steele, which eliminated the 4-on-1 aspect.

    Alex broke away from the panel early for a political analysis interview with Luke Russert, which went well. No “Postcript” at the end, and “Grand Canyon” disappeared after the first day. I still hate the desk, but the show holds promise if they continue to vary the viewpoints like this. “Four liberals agree with each other while the conservative looks frustrated” is crap television.

  2. Maybe they got confused… because nobody cares?

  3. 3 words: she went way too big — make that five.

  4. Right. Because you’re a flaming rightie who doesn’t care about the new show, “nobody cares”. Open your mind, man!

  5. The ratings for Now are no better than they were for the show that preceded it. And that show got cancelled. So if it’s not ‘nobody cares’, it’s ‘very few people care’.

  6. Eh, he was responding to the repeat announcement anyway. I misunderstood the comment.

  7. Joe’s right the show is getting better and I think it will turn out to be a pretty good show in a couple of months.

    Whether blue, or any right-wing commenter, ever watches or cares is of no importance to me or, I imagine, to MSNBC. Joe and other MSNBC regular viewers are who they care about; if they care about what any viewers think at all. I’m sure FNC feels the same way about liberal blog commenters.

    Dollar: where did you get the ratings for her show and what are they? If they are as you say the same as the show she replaced then that’s good as Wagner’s show has just started. It would be more interesting to see Wagner’s ratings up against Brewers as Melvin was only on for a few weeks.

  8. I linked to a TVNewser piece. It compared premiere day ratings with those of the previous week. So to be fair, it only covered one day’s ratings. But on the other hand, ratings almost always decline after a premiere.

  9. …ratings almost always decline after a premiere.

    Generally, but this show had such little promotion that I think most people discovered it expecting to see a standard news report.

  10. joeremi Says: November 21, 2011 at 11:20 am
    Right. Because you’re a flaming rightie who doesn’t care about the new show, “nobody cares”. Open your mind, man!

    I’m flaming? Is that a slur, or are you trying to say something about my blogging habits. If it’s about the blogging, remember you’re the one who uses “idiot” and “moron” like toast uses jelly. If it’s a slur… well, what?

    Anyway, “nobody cares” is pretty accurate to describe MSNBC hiring Meghan McCain, no? I don’t care, because I don’t watch MSNBC. But, I don’t actually mind MMc… my views are probably pretty close to her’s, but I also recognize that she’s being used by a liberal network to attack Republicans. But more importantly, in my view, nobody cares about MMc because she’s a C-list pundit. She hasn’t done anything to garner a lot of attention (sans a busty Twitter pic, which was attacked by both sides) or credibility, so the announcement is met with a “so what?”

    I hope that explains things to you, Joe.

  11. Read the whole thread, Sparky. I explained that I misunderstood your comment. No, nobody cares that they hired Meghan.

  12. “Maybe they got confused… because nobody cares?”

    Sorry Joe; Blue said it! Who cares if a RINO (or “rhino” in her case) shows up on a lib network? True, she may be to the right of the rest of the leftists on that program, but no conservative cares what she thinks.

    And I hate making fun of people’s looks (my “rhino” comment, above), but she has done so much damage to other conservatives that she has it coming.

  13. Apparently nobody cares that I know nobody cares. I thought the comment was about NOW, not Meghan. Move along..

  14. “but no conservative cares what she thinks.”

    ^Then why do they get so exorcised over everything she says?

    “but she has done so much damage to other conservatives that she has it coming.”

    ^This kinda contradicts the ‘no conservatives care what she thinks’ comment. Which is it; you don’t care or she’s so powerful she does so much damage to conservatives’? It can’t be both.

  15. Ah, I see. In that case… no, I personally don’t care about NOW… but recognize that other people do.

  16. — rhino —

    At the risk of being the blog scold, really? The fact that her weight more closely approximates that of the average woman makes her a “rhino”? Thanks. And if Miss Meghan is doing “damage” to other conservatives, then that doesn’t say much for us.

  17. Am I missing something? Meghan looks pretty damn cute from where I’m sitting.

  18. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ Blog scold!

  19. lonestar77 Says:

    “Am I missing something? Meghan looks pretty damn cute from where I’m sitting.”

    I believe you’re sitting on the wrong side of 40.

  20. You’re a sweetheart, LS.

  21. I’m no “Kate Moss” look-alike myself, but MM has trashed so many conservatives, and seems to flaunt herself so much that I just couldn’t help it with the rhino thing.

    I guess the damage she does is that she purports to speak for the Republican party, when in fact she represents about 1% of it, and the far left at that.

  22. What damage? She’s clearly not a rightwing conservative..nobody thinks any different. She’s John McCain’s daughter, and she says stuff. It’s not a big deal.

  23. Nothing personal, Missy, but I hate that crap. There’s any number of men on any number of “news” channels who don’t conform to any particular standard of beauty, especially in the area of weight. Few feel it necessary to comment on their appearance unless it’s really out-of-the-ordinary, or if there appears to be a health-issue. M McCain was hired for three reasons: A. Her name. B. She’s pretty. C. She bags on conservatives. If her pinheadedness is a problem for conservatives, then we have bigger problems than that.

  24. “she purports to speak for the Republican party,”

    She speaks only for herself as do most political pundits. The only ones that speak for the Republican party are Republican party officials, Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist.

  25. […] announced Meghan McCain as a contributor (which they already announced earlier this month) to bolster Alex […]

  26. lonestar77 Says:

    “The only ones that speak for the Republican party are Republican party officials, Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist.”

    Otherwise known as bogeyman1 and bogeyman2. Poor Karl Rove. He’s gotta be feeling so left out these days. Grover Norquist has overtaken him as the most hated Republican in the Woorrrld!

    How does the left always find these people who secretly control the Republican party? Once they do, they sure run with it.

  27. ^ Don’t forget the Koch’s. They’re secretly (but publicly) funding the Republican-everything these days.


  28. How does the left always find these people who secretly control the Republican party? Once they do, they sure run with it.

    We have a pool we draw from. Rove is so mid-2000s. We’re bored with him.

  29. The Kochs as Secret Bad Guys never made sense to me. It’s like whining about George Soros: Rich guys dumping big money into their pet political causes. What’s it to ya?

  30. The right does it with guys like Soros but it’s basically pointing out that he’s funding all these left-wing causes, blogs, movements, etc. As far as I’m aware of, we don’t pick out people who we say control the Democrat party.

  31. I’ve heard more than my share of Soros Conspiracy Theories. Both sides do’s part of the game.

  32. 茶具…

    […]Meghan McCain Joins MSNBC as a Contributor…Again. « Inside Cable News[…]…

  33. […] ICN points out the cat was out of the bag November 2. Monday, November 21, 2011 @ 12:36 PM […]

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