Keith Olbermann vs. Twitter: Chapter 2…

In the apparent never ending struggle between Keith Olbermann and his followers, Olbermann is once again holding Twitter at arms reach. It’s kind of murky how this all unfolded. This blog post explains what initially started the ruckus. But the resultant blowback on Twitter has caused Olbermann to issue the following tweet

Ok, my thanks to everybody, but life is brief. TFN I won’t be replying to tweets. #ShowPlugs, photos, Baseball Nerd updates will continue.

“TFN”? Thanks for nothing? Tata for now? Huh?

Anyway, if Olbermann sticks to prior behavior he should be back to answering tweets again soon enough.


32 Responses to “Keith Olbermann vs. Twitter: Chapter 2…”

  1. ‘Til further notice’, mate

    (from one of the three of us he hasn’t blocked yet)

  2. Til Further Notice

  3. ‘Til further notice.

  4. Good ole Keith. He blocked this girl because she questioned Richard Lewis. That’s pretty weird.

  5. Geez, he must have blocked me after that ridiculous exchange back in March, and I’m just now noticing it. How such a delicate flower has survived all these years is a mystery.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    Dude is strange. She referred to Richard Lewis as “Lewis” and that’s insulting? Methinks Olby is confused as to the definition of “insult”.

    If anyone has the traits that lead someone to become one those nutty, closed-off misers who shut out everybody around them later in life, it’s that guy.

  7. I haven’t followed that douche in forever, but I signed on to tell him to unblock that girl..she really liked him. I said “Block me, unblock her.” Chances are I’ll get half my wish…

  8. Clinically speaking, he’s coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.

  9. ^ Seriously, he’s gotta have some sort of issues upstairs. He’s prolly the angriest bomb thrower in the political landscape yet he also manages to take the great offense at absolute nothing.

  10. He somehow read a tweet that I’d sent to Kirsten Powers, if memory serves. It wasn’t RT’d, so it seemed as though he must have read her feed and found it. I was new at the time, and the whole thing was utterly bizarre. And if you think he’s odd, try conversing with his fans.

  11. I remember was very strange. Brother has a huge problem with women. Even the ones who support him. Bizarre.

  12. Lonestar77, laura l, and joeremi: You are all spot on. The man has terrible problems with women. Glad to see others are seeing what I have observed and thought for a very long time.

    Almost everyone who has ever worked with him has said he’s just plain nuts.

    I’m wondering if the ratings are getting to him as Current will not release them. So they are probably not encouraging.

  13. Welcome to Inside Cable News, msjaws..we’ve been talking about KO’s “little issue” for quite some time here. I’m a lib who was a fanatical follower of Countdown during the Bush years. Loved it. But he got a little crazier and a little meaner every year, and I finally threw in the towel. I’m not gonna automatically like you just ’cause I agree with you, nor dislike because of disagreement. I agreed with him most of the time, but he’s a classic Mean Person. Uh uh.

  14. I had a little more luck with KO. I tricked him by throwing little mistakes into my Tweets so he would reply back and call me an “idiot” and a “moron” (sound familiar anyone?) giving him point scoring satisfaction and keeping me alive. Why scoring points against a nobody was important to him I found weird. I finally slipped up by including a link to his DICKIPEDIA page which got me one last dramatic tweet reply and blocked into the Phantom Zone.

  15. I find it interesting that some people on Twitter will block you and some won’t. Chris Hayes blocked me at the drop of a hat. Early on Jake Tapper told me he would block me if I didnt behave myself, and has been a frequent replyer for the last three years. Markos chief lieutenant, Krago-X, the most visious person on Twitter blocked me after a nasty confrontation. @Markos himself will not, but retweets me occasionally to inspire his minions to attack (and do they!). Joe Scarbough blocked me after I got snotty a couple times. My good friend, liberal tweeter, @OTOOLEFAN, who had Joe as a guest on his Internet radio show two weeks ago got Joe to unblock me.
    I still find it amazing how the “famous” are so willing to engage on Twitter.

  16. I think he’s just upset that Ed Schultz made GQ’s least influential people list… and KO wasn’t even unpopular enough to make the list!\.

  17. Hmm, still hasn’t blocked me. I’m surprised my request didn’t foster an enraged heave-ho. He probably didn’t read it.

  18. I got blocked by a segment-producer for Rachel Maddow, and have no earthly clue why. Never heard of him. Maybe he got Olbermann’s list.

    — scoring points against a nobody was important to him —

    YES. And would deride some guy for having few followers, never understanding that he was the “Famous Person” engaging someone with few followers.

  19. ^ Maybe he’s not as foolish as we all thought…

  20. In the pre-Lewinsky days of Olbermann’s original MSNBC evening program, THE BIG SHOW, I was a regular viewer. He was witty, clever, and not overtly political.

  21. He was like that on the original Countdown, too. Then there was a period where he put on The Liberal Rage (which I, of course, enjoyed), but the show still had clever elements. Then he went batshyte crazy..

  22. I really enjoyed Olbermann on Countdown Iraq and the early years of Countdown. But in 2006, he started going off the deep end. His commentary on Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was eloquent and spot on, but then MSNBC decided they should have him do that more and ruined the show. Olbermann’s a classic schoolyard bully.

  23. I must have watched him at some point, enough to witness his transition to The Dark Side. Had to have been around the ’04 elections, because I recall him going on about the ballot-boxes in Ohio. He started down the wingnutty path early on.

  24. And the politics don’t really matter. You lose your humanity the moment you decide that your ‘opponents’ no longer have theirs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a schtick or a put-on, for the sake of a program. If you play a character long enough, you become the character.

  25. The real problem for KO in all of this, is that his audience is based on a small group of very loyal and devoted followers. It seems like this woman was in that category… and now that she is out, she’s taking a few people with her, and KO really can’t afford to spare any.

    I’m not saying this is going to drown KO at Current… but it’s certainly not going to help him. The man has alienated every single employer he’s ever had, burned bridges to the ground and then tried to set the ashes on fire too… but somehow manages to get picked up by someone else convinced, “this time it will be different.” But once you start going after your audience, it’s over. If this fails, where else is he going to go?

    And to be honest, I’m not sure his mental situation is strong enough to handle not being on television. A website where he restricts people from commenting because they might disagree with him, won’t be enough.

  26. One can only imagine what role KO would had had in an Al Gore Presidency. Prehaps UN ambassador? 😉

  27. @larrykelly: Press Secretary — and he’d get fired from that job just like he’s been fired from every other network he’s been at.

  28. Dude went overboard when he started getting butthurt about O’Reilly beating him in ratings and acted like O’Reilly was some grand puppeteer of the right. I’m not a FOX fan, but O’Reilly is the least of the problems over there. Shep Smith, O’Reilly and Brian Kilmeade are my favorite FOX anchors. Unfortunately, Kilmeade is surrounded by a group of idiots on the morning right wing snarkfest and I’m usually too lazy to flip the channel when Shep and Bill’O come on.

  29. BTW, for some reason, Olbermann hasn’t blocked me. I guess he’ll want someone to talk baseball with when he blocks everyone else on Twitter.

  30. Fortunately most liberals aren’t like Olbermann and most conservatives aren’t like Limbaugh. Maybe they serve a purpose by burning a flame at each end of the spectrum that you don’t want too get close to, but keep things lively.

  31. @imnotblue: You’ve hit it on the head.

    I just unsubscribed from the weekly Current email, and they gave me the option of telling them why.

    “I am exceedingly disappointed in Keith Olbermann’s recent treatment of one of my friends online, and will no longer be supporting him or his network.”

    As I noted to Ceilidh-ann, not only do I vote, I vote with my wallet. And Current can’t afford that right now.

  32. Excercise routines…

    […]Keith Olbermann vs. Twitter: Chapter 2… « Inside Cable News[…]…

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