The Race for #2…

The New York Times’ Bill Carter writes about the November ratings and the battle for 2nd. If you think you smell a leak, you’re probably right…

CNN’s re-emergence as the top ratings competitor to the Fox News Channel seems to have been short-lived.

The cable news ratings for November indicate MSNBC has come back to move ahead of CNN across the board, both in terms of total viewers and among those that the advertisers value the most.

MSNBC beat CNN in just about every way for the month. It finished second to Fox in prime time, the evening and in the morning. The channel even had a somewhat rare margin over CNN in the category of total day ratings, with an average of 426,000 viewers to 407,000 for CNN, and 138,000 viewers to 121,000 in the 25- to 54-year-old age group that news advertisers seek.

6 Responses to “The Race for #2…”

  1. Well, darn. I’m trying to do my part.

  2. I knew all along that the hype about CNN doing well in the ratings for a month or so was an obvious flash in the pan. There is no way CNN can compete with MSNBC or ever give Fox a run for it’s money anymore.

    They are, as usual, only good for big name events like elections, debates, and breaking news. I respect them for that, but to think they would do well because they added a Wall Street scrub like Erin Burnett is a joke.

    Back to the drawing board.

  3. I would rather watch CNN over msnbc

  4. I prefer chicken noodle to minestrone.

  5. Unless it’s at Olive Garden.

  6. big titts…

    […]The Race for #2… « Inside Cable News[…]…

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