Free for All: 12/02/11

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  1. He opposes Cain on his economic stances, so that’s legitimate. Why even bother with the other stuff? Because the ‘other stuff’ isn’t a matter of “running for Pope”, it’s a matter of being a decent human-being, which I think used to matter.

    I can understand a vanity run for President, paired with the desire to promote the Fair Tax in some form. Certainly, no one could have predicted that he would have been a contender. But he knew that he had a graveyard of skeletons, and was woefully unable to deal with their appearance. This whole story has been a pastiche of bad actions and bad reactions that evoke sympathy, none of it for him.

    Gloria Cain knew what her husband was, because every woman in that situation does. She made her peace with it. He has, in the time that we know of him, repeatedly smacked that reality in her face. That’s not “running for Pope”. That’s running for something completely different.

  2. If you want a Democrat with a brain, let me recommend former Govenor of WV and now Senator Joe Manchin. His reasoning for voting against the extension of the “payroll tax cut”.
    1) it’s life so far shows zero job creation evidence.
    2) Call it a “tax” if you want, but it is the funding mechanism for Social Security which isn’t exactly rolling in money.
    3) Stealing from the seniors of tomorrow to buy votes today.
    4) Let this be extended further and Congress will never have the courage to stop it.

    As a former Govenor Manchin his some idea of financial responsibility, unlike the snake oil salesman who conned his way in to the presidency with “Hope and Change” elixir.

  3. If this is joined by an expiration of the Bush tax cuts on the big incomes, I’m in.

    Btw, “job creation” was not the rationale for the middle-class payroll tax “vacation”: It was intended to give people more purchasing power, which helps retail business. The “job creator tax cut” is for richies who will supposedly hire more people with the extra money.

  4. Btw, “job creation” was not the rationale for the middle-class payroll tax “vacation…

    The American Jobs Act, President Obama’s Plan to Create Jobs Now:
    …4: Cutting payroll taxes in half for 160 million workers next year

  5. ^ why let facts get in the way?

  6. Sue me, that’s not how I remembered it. How is a payroll tax cut supposed to create a job? Silly.

  7. If you want to give people more money to spend, well, hell, let’s just print some thousand dollar bills and mail them out with Christmas cards. BUT KEEP YOUR MITS OFF SOCIALSECURITY. It’s already hurting. The bulk of the total $ of the BUSH-OBAMA TAX CUTS goes to the middle class, so that’s already a bonus.

  8. Geez, you old people sure are obsessed with your social security.

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    “If this is joined by an expiration of the Bush tax cuts on the big incomes, I’m in.”

    What about the rest of the Bush tax cuts? The evil rich baby snatchers received a smaller percentage break than the middle class did. Should all of the tax cuts expire or just the ones on people who you deem as being too darned successful? And, who are those people? Families with incomes greater than 100K, 200K, 500K, 682K 777K, 5MM?

  10. “Middle-class joined by Big Income” answers the question sufficiently. I’m not gonna draw this with crayon for you.

  11. Today in Republican public humiliation:

    Donald Trump to moderate debate.

    “Women For Cain” website launches with stock photo of women giving ‘thumbs up’; commentors bash “husbandless” accusers.

    Mark Sanford discusses Cain’s “troubles” on Fox News.

    It’s hard to keep up..

  12. Hey, young whipper-snapper Josh, I’m safe with my Social Security as my life expectancy will match up with the $ flowing before the cash resivoir dries up. Just trying to see SS doesn’t end with me.

  13. MSNBC would have only the prison stuff to broadcast had not the Republicans provided such a dumb-ass collection of characters for their amusement.

  14. Maybe Trump can co-host with Joe Arpaio, so the circle can be complete.

  15. The president’s plan for “funding” the payroll tax extension is to have a few millionaires “pay their fair share.” He neglects to point out that the higher tax on those wealthy few would go into the general fund, not the SS fund. So Sen. Manchin is correct – Obama wants to steal from the lock box for other wasteful spending.

    From a fiscal responsibility perspective, the payroll holiday is very poor management.

  16. lonestar77 Says:

    From Olbermann’s twitter:

    “#ShowPlug 5: Grover Bathtub Boy Norquist explains to House GOP how voting to raise taxes doesn’t violate his anti-tax-raise pledge”

    Does anyone know why he’s calling Norquist “bathtub boy” and whether or not he knows that that nickname is already taken?

  17. He knows everything ever written about himself and seeks revenge.

  18. Oh goodie, another suck-up interview with Trump on Greta. Ask him about the investigators on the ground in Hawaii, you sell-out hack.

  19. He will not comment on an ongoing investigation. Not proper.

  20. Should be a fun and informative debate.

  21. lonestar77 Says:

    Has anyone ever been called on to resign from their church? I mean, I know Bashir is one batshyte crazy liberal but it’s still a little strange.

  22. Perhaps after Bashir drives Herb from his church, he should paint a scarlet “A” on his back and stone him to death.

  23. It will be easier to get Ed Schultz through the eye of a needle than Martin Bashir into the Kingdom of Heaven.

    (which is the red neck bar I drink at)

  24. Oo, a clip of Rush shushing some protesters. Sell it, Greta.

  25. ^ not particularly impressive.

  26. SAD: On his way to C-SPAN’s great series THE CONTENDERS for a live interview, George McGovern fell and had to be taken to the hospital for a head injury.

    The last Democrat I voted for for President.

  27. Rush pulled the typical bullshyte. Pretend the protest in this country is about jealousy of rich people, then admonish them for “not appreciating” who made their iPad. He forgot to tell them to get a job, take a bath, and stop spending their food stamps on trips to Hawaii..

  28. I never understood the point of showing Rush-clips on Greta. It certainly isn’t newsworthy, and seems to indicate agreement. And if you think her other interviews are hard-hitting, you should see her phone-chats with Rush.

  29. lonestar77 Says:

    Greta does what she does. I don’t watch her show but I can’t fathom how anybody could get worked up about it one way or the other.

  30. LS..listen to me. I watch cable news. This is a cable news blog. I come here to talk about the stuff I like, and the stuff that makes me grit my teeth. “I saw something I didn’t like, but eh, live and let live” is not interesting.

  31. This has a time-stamp less than 24-hours old, yet it seems as though I posted it days ago. I call it “Twitter fatigue”, or “Twit lag”, or some damn thing.

  32. lonestar77 Says:

    Fair enough, Joe. Greta just interests me least out of just about anybody in cable news.

  33. I hear ya, LS. Slim pickins on a Friday night after MSNBC goes to prison.

  34. Greta may be living proof that a test-pattern would rate well on Fox.

  35. Does anyone actually watch Greta, or is it just too much trouble to change the channel after Hannity?

  36. If Fox had Anderson Cooper on at ten, he would have great ratings and I would watch him. I wouldn’t mind Tucker Carlson back at ten. I watched him often on his 10:00 pm MSNBC show with regulars Rachael Maddow, and Willie Geist.

  37. Ari Fleischer
    Cain out means Romney is frowning. Newt is smiling. Bachmann is hoping. Perry is wishing. Huntsman is waiting. Paul is Paul.

  38. This forum on Huckabee is enlightening. Gov. Perry thinks a presidential executive order can trump a law. Without the Tea Party vote his candidacy is dead and, given that they’re driven by constitutional principles, he just made an irreparable and fatal mistake.

  39. Hey, at least for favorite Founding Father, he didn’t say “All of ’em”. Cut the boy some slack.

  40. If Mitt’s favorite book is “Dianetics”, it’s over.

  41. So glad none of the candidates uttered the phrase, “Major WOW factor.”

  42. “ at peace with God. at peace with my wife. My at peace with me.” Mom says “He’s gotta stop spreading those pieces around.”

  43. Interesting comparison, Romney and Kennedy. Really just an excuse to show that clip.

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