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Phil Griffin Plants a Tree in Memory of Jeff Gralnick…

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The Jerusalem Post has a story on MSNBC President Phil Griffin planting a tree in Israel in memory of the late Jeff Gralnick…

“Jeff Gralnick was an extraordinary man whose last great act was to bring MSNBC to Israel, as part of his vision that MSNBC needed to go international. Planting trees in his memory is a perfect way to celebrate a man who had such an impact on modern-day media.” Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, was speaking at a brief but moving ceremony that took place at KKL-JNF’s VIP tree planting site in the Jerusalem Mountains. “Jeff covered many of the milestones of recent history and worked for all three American news networks. He was in the Golan KKLHeights during the Six Day War. I personally worked for him and learned to appreciate his professionalism and grasp of the media,” he said.

“One of the things that impressed me the most about Jeff was that he was always evolving himself. He wanted to be a part of the new media world, to understand it. He had perspective and could appreciate what needed to be done. Anyone who was present at the ceremony that was held in New York in his memory could understand his impact on the media. I know that having trees planted in Israel in his memory is a very special honor for Jeff’s family.”


Branding Run Amok: #1,013

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NewsBusters’ Matt Hadro writes about Erin Burnett giving airtime to a muppet running for President…

When asked how he would pay for the payroll tax cut as President, the Muppet answered he would “Throw rich people in jail. Take their money, and then give it to everybody else. Number one. Boom. Done. Yeah.”

“And you’re a Republican,” an incredulous Burnett answered before Quasniki fired back “Well, I’m – you know what, I’m an American. Right now I’m only running as Republican because they’re a bunch of clowns, but you never know, I’m an American. I’m for the people.”

Why was this puppet running for the Republican nomination? “I was driving in my car a couple of weeks ago and I was listening to the debates. And I’m thinking to myself this is all a bunch of bulls***, and I’m tired of it, and I’m going to change it and make America good again. Or at least get us back in the playoffs,” Quasniki ranted to Burnett.

With all that’s going on in the world right now and with Burnett’s show being so new, why on earth was time devoted on OutFront to a muppet running for President? Burnett’s biggest perceived weakness amongst her critics is operating outside of her Business news comfort zone. She needs to hit home runs outside of the Business news world with compelling journalism to sway those critics and prove them wrong. Having a muppet on and having to play straight man in an interview that serves little journalistic value, though tons of PR value for Henson Alternatives, doesn’t help things any.

Save this crap for The Daily Show and get Burnett back on track…

Free for All: 12/08/11

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What’s on your mind?

CNN New Morning Show “Issues”?

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Page Six is trying to cause trouble

Soledad O’Brien’s new CNN show to replace “American Morning” may not yet be ready for its January 2012 launch. “The new anchors will show up on air the first week of January, but don’t expect a big launch,” a source said. “There seems to be some internal dissent about how to handle the transition.” The source said the show, tentatively titled “Morning Buzz,” may even start without a name. Of O’Brien, a source says, “The show is totally in her hands and she’s determined to make it succeed.” O’Brien was slated to host the 7 to 9 a.m. hours with 5 to 7 a.m. anchors Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin joining in a round-table format, but she’s now set on hosting alone, a source said. CNN honcho Mark Whitaker is standing behind O’Brien taking the reins. A CNN rep said, “There has not been a launch date set, but we want the anchors to appear on air in January to cover the political primaries. We always anticipated these would be two separate shows.”