Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld Exits FNC…

Those who have been watching Sunday House Call on FNC recently have noticed that Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld has been nowhere to be seen. Well the Sun-Sentinel’s Tom Jicha reveals the reason why… (via J$)

Executive producer David Clark released the following statement through Fox News Channel: “Earlier this year, Doctor Rosenfeld hung up his white coat and left his medical practice after deciding to spend more time with his family and friends and to engage in his many other passions and pursuits. He is now doing that with “House Call” and it will not be the same without him. An announcement on the future of “House Call” will be made in the near future.”

Generally, “leaving to spend more time with family” is a euphemism for getting fired. Sources at Fox News, who have always been square with me, assure me this isn’t the case in this instance.


13 Responses to “Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld Exits FNC…”

  1. imnotblue Says:

    The last few times I saw Rosenfeld, it was pretty clear he was past his prime. He had that old-man way of rambling, that just dares you to pay attention.

    Sometimes, you gotta know when it’s time to go. This seems like a smart move all around.

  2. Listening to him with my trained ear, I was as much impressed with the things he didn’t say as I was with the generic advice he gave on the air. Very few docs possess the ability to present sound medical advice on the telly without inadvertently saying things that are potentially harmful.

    Good luck finding a worthy replacement.

  3. I really miss seeing Dr. Rosenfeld and I wish him the best.

  4. Common sense, practicality,a wealth of experience. I’m really going to miss him on Sunday mornings.

  5. thanks doc happy trails

  6. He will certainly be missed. Learned so much from him. I will miss you. ENJOY and have a LONG retirement.
    Susan Plant RN

  7. Housecall isn’t the same without him…Dr. Rosenfeld had a certain charisma that seems to be missing his replacements, thus far. Viva Dr. Rosenfeld. I wish him well in pursuing his other passions.

  8. Housecall is not nor will ever be the same since Dr. Rosenfeld is gone. Its too bad, as he was a breathe of fresh air … someone who used comman sense instead of text book. He was far better then the ones they have on now. Learned alot from Dr. Rosenfeld and I thank him for that.

  9. Isadore was cool. Imagining some old fart on Twitter was especially amusing.

  10. He reminded me of my childhood family doctor who was wise and cared for you!

  11. Sylvia H.
    Dr Rosenfeld held my attention, more than I can say for the current features. I’ve tried but it’s just not the same.He was a special person. I wish you and your family Happy Sailing. You deserve it. and at this time of year a VERY Merry Christmas to you and yours.!

  12. I had the pleasure of working for him for 15 years. He is the same person at the office as he is on the camera. It was truly a fun ride.

    Without him, I would have never finished college and done some of the fun things that I’ve gotten to do. He help change my life for the better.

  13. The wonderful thing about Doctor Rosenfeld is that, unlike the two doctors that replaced him, he is for the people instead of the medical industry. I am not sure what has happened to the Housecall show but it has not been shown for months. I think people lost interest because the doctors bicker among themselves so much and don’t provide the best advice for patients, the advice is more favorable for the medical industry. Doctor Rosenfeld provided very much useful stuff. I think Jamie Colby had some very good questions, since her husband is a doctor (Dr. Marc Wallack). I think they replaced Jamie Colby because she asked questions that also were very beneficial for patients. Well, at least all this is my opinion; I apologize if I am wrong.

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