Confirmed: Geraldo Rivera to WABC

The rumors proved to be accurate. The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about Geraldo Rivera joining WABC…

In a deal to be announced Monday, Mr. Rivera will host the 10 and 11 a.m. hours on WABC in Manhattan, one of the nation’s biggest stations. Cumulus Media, which acquired the station this year, anticipates that Mr. Rivera will broaden the audience of the station, which is best known for having the conservative heavy hitters Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

Mr. Rivera will remain a weekend anchor and a correspondent on the Fox News Channel, where he said he had just signed a new four-year contract. But his role on the radio will give him vastly more air time and a new perch in New York, the city where he started in journalism in 1970 at WABC-TV, formerly the sister station to WABC radio.

“What goes around has definitely come around,” he said in a telephone interview.

24 Responses to “Confirmed: Geraldo Rivera to WABC”

  1. From his ABC perch in 1972, we living near Akron, Ohio, got to know Geraldo as he chased a guy thru the streets of Akron to get evidence on our crooked panty-wearing judge. What a man!

  2. The man is a legend. It’s a frightening thought, but he is.

  3. His moustache not nearly as menacing on radio. He’ll be good on the radio… I think.

  4. Menacing Mustache. Sounds like a short-lived cartoon back in the seventies. Probly find it on Netflix.

  5. ^ Hmmmm.. never realised that my Brit spelling also includes superfluous ‘o’s.

  6. Geraldo is awesome, and if you don’t agree with me, you can go back to al Qaeda where you came from.

  7. I’m usually tempted to spell it that way, but the spell-check mocks me. Doesn’t come up much in non-Geraldo conversations.

  8. Geraldo says he likes Jack Abramoff because he’s friends with Bernie Kerik, “one of my best friends”. You just know Geraldo wanted to be a made man.

  9. If Gov. Richardson had won the nomination last cycle I would’ve voted for him over Sen. McCain.

  10. What does ANYONE see in this guy? All we know for sure is that WABC’s audience will change over completely come noon each day.

  11. Meanwhile, the return of Mika and Joe to your radio will continue after this short hiatus…


  12. Mika & Joe! Dollar owes you money for doing his dirty work for him.

  13. Honestly, how can people watch/listen to Geraldo OR Mika and Joe? Look up the definition of “smarmy” in the dictionary, and you’ll see pictures of all three.

    Thank God WABC has the power team of Rush, Hannity and Levin, especially now that these repulsive libs will be infecting the airwaves.

  14. Come on, Missy. I feel like you’re holding back. Just let it fly. 👿

  15. On second thought, I should retract any criticism of Mika. She’s from a democrat family; she still holds those views, and has never made herself out to be anything else. OK then.

    But not so with Joe. He purports to be a conservative and/or Republican, yet constantly slams conservatism and conservative people, while NEVER going after the left. And Geraldo consistently takes the WRONG side of every single argument. Always!!!!!

  16. Thanks for cheering me on, Laura. I’m on a roll tonight!

  17. Come on, that all you got? BRING IT!

  18. She’s got a kitty and a Kalashnikov. No m(o)ustache is safe.

  19. Missy has Russian weapons? I told you she was awesome!

  20. We are gathered here today to remember this thread which died a needlessly premature death. Oh thread….we barely knew ye…

  21. 20 comments on Geraldo, and you think the thread has died prematurely? Nuh uh.

  22. Yeah, ’cause there was a whole lot more to say about Geraldo’s radio gig, and we ruined it. Buzzkill.

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    […]Confirmed: Geraldo Rivera to WABC « Inside Cable News[…]…

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