Roger Ailes Penning Autobiography…

New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman scoops that Roger Ailes is going to write an autobiography. Sherman uses this tidbit to launch into a lot of speculation…

Ailes’s decision to write an autobiography could have serious implications for both Fox News and the future of the Republican party. For one, it would be difficult for Ailes to publish an unvarnished, tell-all autobiography while still running Fox News. How would the Fox talent or Rupert Murdoch feel if Ailes put into print what he really thinks about them? Ailes’s only other published book, a self-help manual titled You Are the Message, was light on insider details, and came out in 1989, years before he launched Fox News.

The fact that Ailes is working on a book suggests that he may be thinking of stepping down following this presidential election, when his contract expires in summer 2013. So far, Ailes has made no moves to groom a successor at Fox, and inside the network, executives openly talk about a scenario where there’s a major management battle for control when Ailes eventually departs. In a recent interview with the AP, Ailes said he was mulling over his options and would like to own the Cleveland Indians.

8 Responses to “Roger Ailes Penning Autobiography…”

  1. I look forward to this illuminating tome of selfangrandizing hackitude. Enjoy the book tour and get out of cable news, you moron.

  2. ^ Really pathetic, joe.

    Obviously you are having a bad Monday. I hope you day gets better from here forward!

  3. Roger Ailes is a rightwing political strategist hack from the Lee Atwater “scorched earth” school; he has no business running a news network.

  4. Save your breath, Pam.

    Joe is rapidly loosing his mind, and getting nastier by the minute.

    Expecting something other than name calling and foolishness from him, is like asking the Chevy Volt not to catch fire in your garage. It’s not going to happen.

    (See, that’s what we call a 1-2 punch)

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    Saw this story & saw there were 3 comments and I absolutely knew one would be from Joe.

  6. Boo hoo.

  7. Roger AIles autobiography: DEATH OF LIBERAL MONOPOLY

    Chapter 8) I have feelings too!

    It began as a sunny, but cold Monday December morning that foretold the chilling of my soul. Feeling good about myself until I happened across a blog post by a mean man caling me a “moron” and little more than a political hack, I had a decision to make. I’m ending the autobiography here and retiring to Florida, a broken man. Don’t even have the heart to buy the Indians now. Will continue with my only remaining project, the replacement of Indy-car racing with Chevy Volt racing/fire-fighting.

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    Roger Ailes Penning Autobiography… | Inside Cable News

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