BBC World News Comes to Comcast…

Finally! The unofficial international news network blockade has been breached and it is Comcast that has done it. The New York Times’ Brian Stelter scoops that BBC World News is coming to Comcast.

In the deal with Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, it will be available by the end of the month in some — but not all — of the Comcast homes in Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis and other markets. It will come on in some of the company’s markets next year, for a total of nearly 15 million homes by the end of 2012, Mr. Horrocks said.

While that represents just a fraction of the 100 million American homes with cable or satellite subscriptions, it is an important foothold for the BBC, which wants to meet a perceived need for impartial international news.

The way some at the BBC see the television world, Fox News and MSNBC are occupying partisan poles; CNN is struggling to choose between substance and sensationalism; and another foreign import to the United States, Al Jazeera, is tainted by its host country, Qatar.

“We’re very deliberately saying, ‘We’re not going to tell you what to think,’ ” Mr. Horrocks said.

Broadcast into more than 200 countries and territories, the 24-hour BBC World News is sober and hard-nosed by American standards. Some of its newscasts have been carried by public TV and radio stations in the United States for decades, but the broadcaster, like others in the television industry, wants a more direct connection to customers.

24 Responses to “BBC World News Comes to Comcast…”

  1. BBC has at times had to admit a liberal bias. Certainly on Iraq coverage they were flamingly over the top. I would be afraid their reformed attitude as genuine as that of a reformed pedophile.

  2. Spud, I’m guessing there may not be a TON of comments on this thread (hard to believe, isn’t it?), so I thought I’d call attention to the story on Chelsea Clinton. The WaPo, of all things, doesn’t like her and her new gig and NBC!!!!!

    I think this story deserves its own post!

  3. “AT NBC”, not “and NBC”.

    But I’m excused; I just had a root canal, and am still delirious!

  4. “Liberal bias”. Well that didn’t take long. This meme will never end: FNC and Rush have convinced their viewers/listeners that anything not rightwing is immediately deemed “left” and “biased”. This approach is poison.

  5. Yes, it’s all our imagination, and never would have occurred to us without being led by Rush and FNC. The willful blindness is tiresome.

  6. Besides, it’s a cable-news-blog. If you’re tired of hearing about “bias”, oh well.

  7. I’m tired of the kneejerk reaction to everything not blatantly conservative being immediately labeled “liberal”. It’s ignorant.

  8. We know, and we don’t care.

  9. Of course, a better way to have put that is ‘we know what you think, and we don’t care’. I amuse myself, sometimes.

  10. Talk amongst yourselves then.

  11. Not much fun in that.

  12. Bottom line. My post was true. Anyone disagree with that?

  13. If the BBC accurately reported the invasion as having circumspect motivations, and the aftermath as hopelessly botched by delusional neo-cons trying to go to war on the cheap, I fail to see the bias. The supposedly “liberal” media in this country were useless. It was a freaking US Military commercial until the day it was announced no WMD existed.

  14. How can you say, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye?

  15. “FNC and Rush have convinced their viewers/listeners that anything not rightwing is immediately deemed “left” and “biased”.”

    It’s all Rush’s, FNC’s and the BBC’s fault that we think the BBC is biased! Damn them all for saying that!

    I’m just so tired of people claiming or admitting bias, when it flies in the face of the reality I choose to believe!

  16. What on earth does any of this have to do with Chelsea Clinton? HOW DARE you people usurp my thread!

    BTW, Laura, this got me LOLling: “We know, and we don’t care.”

  17. The mainstream media have two types of biases. One is an ideological bias, the other is substantive. Yes, the msm are mostly liberal, but they are also biased toward conflict, thus they hype wars, wars of words, etc.

    Also don’t forget that 9/11 made the media more openly patriotic. Just because they messed up with Iraq doesn’t mean they aren’t liberal.

  18. The BBC is biased. Yesterday, the way they reported Canada left the Kyoto Protocol and how the evil ‘tar sands’ was a clear indicator of left-wing bias. Btw, any well researched journalist will know it’s oilsands NOT ‘tar sands’ as the latter is inaccurate.
    That said, they have a few good journalists and I will continue to watch the BBC because I can receive it for free.

  19. I’m just suprised ABC didn’t go after Chelsea. With David Shuster banished to the Phantom Zone, I suppose NBC thought it acceptable now to “pimp her out”.

  20. There is a long history of president’s kids doing features for networks. This is massive non-news.

  21. There is a long history of BBC being accused of and apologising for biased content on multiple topics.

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