CNN 5AM Tinkering?

For reasons that are inexplicable to me CNN has suddenly started changing up its 5AM ET programming. Up until this week CNN had been airing Wake Up Call. Now all of a sudden it’s airing tape…CNN Heroes repeat on Monday and an Anderson Cooper repeat this morning. I’m not sure whether 4AM programming, which usually is a CNNI simulcast, is also suffering the same fate (it must have on Monday since CNN Heroes takes longer than an hour to air)

What makes this change a member of the head scratching club is that in just a few short weeks CNN is going to be launching new live programming at 5 with Banfield and Sambolin. So why bother switching up now and, especially, why bother switching to tape? It makes absolutely no sense to me. After all it’s not like they need the 5AM hour to run rehearsals for the new programming. Feel free to speculate on the possible reasons why CNN is doing this in the comments…

Update: According to a tweet from Carol Costello, this new scheduling is going to remain this way until the new programming launches. I still think it’s a stupid move.


6 Responses to “CNN 5AM Tinkering?”

  1. Jon Klein dumped Your World Today at noon.

    Ken Jautz dumped CNNI’s simulcast on CNN/US at 4/5am.

    I believe someone higher up than them is yanking international programming. For some reason, the big wigs don’t want the domestic audience getting ‘world’ news.

    Imagine my shock.

  2. Hopefully BBC World gains traction here. That would force Time Warner to start pushing to get CNN International on more providers…something they appear to be loathe to do.

  3. They could deep-six domestic CNN tomorrow and replace it with CNNI, and the channel would actually become watchable.

  4. CNN/U.S. ought to replace “CNN Newsroom” with the international feed. Whenever the international people anchor, like during major global events, the channel feels so much more substantive.

  5. Uverse has CNNI but it isn’t available in HD and you need the U300 or better package. (Same tier as Fox Business.)

    I would welcome BBC World but of course it’d need to be on the U200 package! I do have BBC America which shows 1 or 2 news hours.

    Spud, not seeing CNNI gain higher subscriptions in the US because they’d probably take viewers away from CNN. And, I think their coverage of events is far superior to the domestic side. From what I’ve seen during free previews and when Pipeline used to have it on at 8pm Eastern — the CNNI anchors are far better than ‘ours.’

    That said, Pipeline also showed CNNI on the weekends and they had almost nothing but canned crap.

    I think the CNNI US feed might be different than other countries because there is no way they show all that canned crap?

  6. Terance CNNI isn’t broadcasting in HD.

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