MSNBC, Romney, and the KKK…

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher writes about a slogan Mitt Romney is using and some, in my opinion, really desperate attempts to link that to the KKK when the slogan has been used in other forums having nothing at all to do with the KKK. MSNBC picked up the story today and probably wishes it hadn’t…

Update: Inside Cable News points out that, according to Robert Sickels‘ The 1940s, Republic Steel encouraged the use of the phrase in a GI-themed ad campaign, although Sickels doesn’t say whether it ever caught on.

Update 2: An NBC insider tells Mediaite that NBC News President Steve Capus addressed this story this morning at an editorial meeting, and stressed the need for accuracy, fairness, and caution before proceeding. Capus is reportedly furious at the way the story was handled, and MSNBC is in the process of apologizing to the Romney campaign.

Update 3: On Hardball tonight, host Chris Matthews issued a public apology to the Romney campaign for the “appalling judgment” used in reporting this story.

“During the 11AM hour on MSNBC,” Mathhews said, “we reported on a blog item that compared a phrase used by the Romney campaign to one used by the KKK in the 1920s. It was irresponsible and incendiary of us to do this and showed an appalling lack of judgment. We apologize to the Romney campaign.”


15 Responses to “MSNBC, Romney, and the KKK…”

  1. This is ridiculous..something needs to be done with Thomas Roberts. He’s repeatedly been used as a fill-in opinion host, and let’s it show on his dayside gig, which is clearly presented as a standard news hour.

  2. Activism hasn’t crept into the news-side, it has hop, skipped, and jumped there. Chis Matthews was genuinely appalled. MSNBC has spent so much time hating on Republicans they are on the verge of becoming a sespool of reckless viciousness as they grab for new material.

  3. I’m begining to think the only thing as obnoxious as a reformed sinner is an out-of-the-closet “newsman”.

  4. Thomas Roberts is a classic True Believer: If he feels he’s on the “morally right” side of an issue, he’ll self-righteously blurt out whatever pops into his head to defend it. As a liberal watching morning news, I know when I’m hearing MY talking point. That guy gets on my nerves.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    For the record, I called Roberts out on this site months back and was greeted with “what’s your problem with Thomas Roberts”.

    That’s my problem! Always has been.

    I must say, I’m surprised they apologized. I’m doubley surprised Matthews issued it. He’s the king of labeling righties as racists for nothing more than wearing a white shirt. It should have come from someone else, less hostile to Republicans. Like the janitor.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    Front page (online) of my hometown paper, The Houston Chronic, reads this headline: “Phrase linked to KKK gets Romney in trouble”

    This, folks, is why anybody to the right of Joe Biden hates the MSM.

  7. For the record, it wasn’t me. I think he’s good as an opinion fill-in (where he belongs), but never liked him on dayside. Now I just don’t like him, period. Specious allusions to the KKK are unforgivable.

  8. KKK a special thing not to be tossed around lightly. If ever a group and it’s tactics were truly “”unamericam” it was this longrunning bunch. My Grandpa told me tales of battling them in western Michigan in the 20’s when a deputy sherrif. No blacks in the county so they persecuted Catholics and the Dutch. Beatings, cross-burnngs, murder, the works.

  9. To JR’s point about Roberts, they should just extend J&Co., which is a perfectly legitimate news hour with NEWS reporting, to two hours. Roberts needs to either remain as a fill-in opinion host, where he does well, or put him on the weekends.

  10. lonestar77 Says:

    Great headline from Hotair:
    “MSNBC apologizes to Romney campaign for acting like MSNBC”

  11. I gotcher “bipartisan agreement” right here. Bye bye, Roberts.

  12. “Front page (online) of my hometown paper, The Houston Chronic, reads this headline: “Phrase linked to KKK gets Romney in trouble”

    Lonestar, this is probably the most horrific example of “spin” I’ve ever seem. The Houston Chronicle really turned things around, didn’t they?

  13. ^ They always do. It’s an awful paper.

  14. The same can be said for Hotair… it’s an awful site, even for far-right blog standards.

  15. lonestar77 Says:

    What’s wrong with Hotair? And, it’s not an apt comparison.

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