Anatomy of a Morning Joe Ad…

Dan Kennedy spends a lot of space deconstructing a full page Morning Joe ad that appeared on the back page of the New York Times’ Sunday Review…

Politico, the ad tells us, wants us to know that “Morning Joe’s team has become the insider’s insider.” I cannot find that particular quote anywhere. What I can find, though, is a 2010 story from the Associated Press informing me that Politico and “Morning Joe” are business partners.

That same AP story is the source of yet another blurb from the ad: “An important wake-up call for political and media leaders.” The full quote doesn’t quite contradict that, but nevertheless places it in a rather different context: “An affiliation with Politico that began about six months ago helped cement the program’s status as an important wake-up call for political and media leaders.”

Speaking of different contexts, the ad also blurbs the phrase “appallingly entertaining,” taken from the New Yorker. I looked that one up, and here’s what Nancy Franklin wrote in 2008: “It’s a weird, completely unnecessary show, and it’s appallingly entertaining.” OK, not a 180-degree contradiction of “appallingly entertaining,” but you will note that MSNBC did not grab “completely unnecessary” for the ad.

Kennedy doesn’t stop there. Read the rest here….

25 Responses to “Anatomy of a Morning Joe Ad…”

  1. missy5537 Says:

    Well, I agree with the “appalingly” part, which accuratelyt describes both Politico and Morning Joe. But “entertaiing”? Nuh uh.

    And I guess what makes it so appaling is that we are constantly being told that both outlets are “smart”, and now the “insiders insider? But I thought we idiots (those who are “not smart” were told we were to hate Washington insiders this time around. So now which is it?

  2. Politico is “appalling”. I seriously doubt you actually read it.

    Dan Kennedy had himself a royal fit over a show he doesn’t watch, but is just sure is terrible.

  3. When dad came home drunk and fell into the Chrismas tree, it was appallingly entertaining.

  4. “Dan Kennedy had himself a royal fit over a show he doesn’t watch, but is just sure is terrible.”

    He must be another graduate of the Rachel Maddow School of Media Criticism.

  5. Enjoying that Maddow kick you’re on, Doctor?

  6. It’s immensely entertaining watching you figure out a way to stick her name in every topic. Laser focus, buddy. 😉

  7. If the hypocrisy fits, I won’t acquit.

  8. I know without watching,
    don’t ask me how.
    I’m smarter than you,
    I’m Dr. Maddow.

  9. With Olbermann out of the spotlight these days, and page viewing starting to falter at “OlbermannWatch”, I’m not surprised that Dollar’s next obsession is Maddow. He’s clearly threatened by her massive intellect, so he might as well go to battle with her.

    By the way, it’s funny to see Dollar complain about Maddow’s media criticism, especially with all the clever gems he musters up every now and then. Pot meet kettle.

  10. Hey, PL, what are you: the hall monitor for OW or just J$?

  11. Too much pot and kettle meeting around here for you? Become a Progressive Liberal, where pot and kettle are one. Be careful not to drink your tea after you have boiled your socks.

  12. Opps, that’s Progressive Libertarian. Progressive Liberal is a real thing.

  13. Points for not calling her “Madcow”. Or “he”.

  14. Nope. That negates all other points.

  15. ^ Agree. And your Twitter-link isn’t working. You can get there through the Gravatar-page, but not through “larrykelly”.

  16. ^ on Twitter, I am “Larry_Kelly”. Same guy, but with more character(s).

  17. I mean that the hyperlink on your name here doesn’t work.If you click the face and go to Gravatar, those links work. For what it’s worth.

  18. ^ thanks, I’ll figure out how to fix it. My tweets are da bomb.

  19. His tweets bomb every night. Oh! I’ll be here all week..

  20. which reminds me I need to unblock you.

  21. Thanks Laura, my (click the face) Gravatar-page will still provide one a link to my Twitter page, and the “larrykelly” link has been repaired to send one directly to my fantastic World Press blog.

  22. Not sure if I can bear the considerable responsibility therein, but hakuna matata.

  23. Given the decline in quality of Morning Joe over the last couple years, I thought CNN had a real opportunity to revamp their morning lineup to compete with MSNBC. I’m skeptical that Soledad O’Brien can single-handedly challenge Morning Joe. I’ll give Starting Point time to find its footing but I think they need an ensemble instead of solo anchor.

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