What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/08/12

What’s Hot:

CNN New Morning Debut – The network’s new morning lineup premiered Monday. My jury is still out until I see both shows back in their proper studios and this GOP primary silly season dies down.

Iowa Caucuses – The 2012 election cycle has officially started…

Olbermann vs. Current TV – It was getting ugly quickly…

Melissa Harris-Perry to MSNBC Weekends – This was kind of expected to happen. And the good news is this time Live News isn’t losing any more hours.

Pat Buchanan and MSNBC – Friday ICN posted a blog entry concerning Pat Buchanan’s disappearance from MSNBC. The next day all hell broke loose when Phil Griffin had to field questions about Buchanan at the TCA and Griffin’s comments made quite a splash in the media.

What’s Not:

It’s Deja Vu all over again – Another CNN election special…another set of gratuitous graphical gimmicks that misfired.

Current TV – The network pulled out of Iowa Caucus coverage long before the final results came in. If the network wants to be a player and taken seriously such a catastrophic error must not happen again.

CNBC – Like Current, CNBC pulled out of Iowa Caucus coverage before the final results were in. FBN stayed live much longer and therefore can claim bragging rights. CNBC isn’t dependent on politcal coverage like the straight news cable nets are but if you’re going to undertake covering an event you can’t cut out just because the event is taking longer than you figured it would.

I’m singing down the drain, just singing down the drain… – Erin Burnett’s musical response to Stephen Colbert’s taunting hit a sour note.

NewsBusters – One would think that with all the press Phil Griffin got over his Pat Buchanan comments that NewsBusters would have been all over it. Well, you’d be wrong. NewsBusters hasn’t written one lone word on the subject of Buchanan since ICN posted that item on Friday. I even called them out on Twitter over it and they still haven’t written anything. Oh, sure…back when the Color of Change and other progressive groups first issued their fatwa on Buchanan and their challenge to MSNBC, NewsBusters covered it. But, now that it appears those groups have succeeded in their campaign, where’s NewsBusters? Nowhere. The only conclusion I can come to is that they’re ignoring the story. And I wonder why that is…


3 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/08/12”

  1. Newsbusters is ignoring the story because when evil triumphs it’s sometimes best to just have a quiet cry.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    If I had to venture a guess, I’d say it’s because they don’t really see Pat as “one of them.”

    The story really isn’t about Pat, it’s about MSNBC’s alleged racial rules… ie, who can say what. But that’s an argument that doesn’t actually need Pat.

  3. They finally wrote about it today and I got an email from someone over there saying that the weekend was basically to blame. I find it kind of lame…

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