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New NYSE Set for Squawk on the Street…

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This morning CNBC previewed its new NYSE set. The set should be operational in about a month or so…

Video of the preview…

Know Thy Subject…

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Jay Rosen takes on David Gregory and Erin Burnett regarding their knowledge of the Citizens United decision…or lack thereof?

Request that the ads be taken down? Huh?… That’s what David Gregory said. But what sense does that make? And what does Gregory think he’s doing here?

The whole import of the Citizens United decision is that candidates can benefit from unlimited donation and unlimited expenditures as long as they don’t coordinate with the Super PAC’s that advertise to their benefit. If they tried to coordinate, if they said something like, “Take those ads down, and our opponent will do the same…” they would in all likelihood be VIOLATING THE LAW. What a great excuse for not doing it.

Does Gregory understand that? It’s not clear. If he does, then what the hell is he asking? If he does not, then why the heck is moderating this debate?

But he’s not alone. Last week, Erin Burnett of CNN acted out the same confusion. On her wretched, embarrassing, nails-on-the-chalkboard CNN program, she asked a Romney representative the following question…

BURNETT: All right. And a final question on super PACs. I know there’s been a lot of comment about this, a lot of frustration among people like Newt Gingrich, about super PACs that were supporting Mitt Romney running negative ads in Iowa. Mitt Romney was on — with Joe Scarborough saying he doesn’t like super PACs and wish they didn’t exist. Now, Barack Obama said the same thing and he’s got super PACs. So, if the general election ends up being Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, would Mitt Romney say let’s shake hands and no super PACs?

FNC’s 2012 Digital Strategy…

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MediaBeat’s Meghan Kelly writes about FNC’s 2012 Digital strategy and interviews VP of Digital Jeff Misenti… (via J$)

With the new year come new resolutions, and Fox News has one of its own: It’s adopting a new digital strategy that takes the mobile world into special account.

“The starting point for all [these changes] is there are more devices, more connectivity,” Fox New and Business’ vice president of digital, Jeff Misenti, told VentureBeat.

Fox is introducing a slew of new ways for its audience to interact with news anchors, articles, video content, live streaming, and even the front page of Fox News’ website itself. The emphasis, however, is on the recently adopted term “TV Everywhere.” A number of media outlets are taking to TV Everywhere as a way to deliver content to a number of different devices and to do that as seamlessly as possible. But syncing your customers’ viewing experience across a variety of screens is a challenge.

Sandra Smith Interview…

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FBN’s Sandra Smith gets the TVNewser MediaBeat treatment today…

Talking Keith Olbermann…

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Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan has a story up about a former Olbermann employee at MSNBC and regarding what it’s like to work with Keith. And here we go…

Finally, this is not about him being nice or not being nice, this is about him creating a toxic,abusive, unsustainable work environment wherever he goes, and taking his issues out on everyone around him, not just the execs. He made several people on our show cry on a fairly consistent basis. These were not soft people, either. These incidents I mentioned above might not seem that bad, but when taken together, along with other stuff I’ve forgotten, they created an atmosphere where the collective dread of his arrival into the studio at 2:30 would be palpable. The other anchors at MSNBC weren’t all nice, but they managed to be professional. He needs to get help and learn to be a functioning adult, seriously.

Read the whole thing. Then head over to Olbermann’s Twitter account to watch the fireworks display…

Trish Regan Profile

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Variety’s Sam Theilman profiles Bloomberg’s Trish Regan who debuts today at 3pm…

Variety: Do you think people will get more interested in the economy as the campaign moves forward?

Regan: The horse race is very interesting; people vote their pocketbooks, and it’s going to come down to who they believe has the best economic policy. [For a reporter,] it’s an opportunity to really scrutinize at a very detailed level. That’s the responsible thing to do as a journalist; as a financial journalist, that’s the skill set that I bring to the table. […] I’m going to do a new segment on the show called Reganomix, to sort of mix it up and talk about these different policies.

Variety: It sounds like fun, honestly.

Regan: Maybe I’m a bit of a wonk and a dork, but I really enjoy it. In an election year, we’re looking at everything through an economic lens. Just look at this past year, all the volatility was incredible, and we ended up at exactly the same point at the end of the day. All the concerns came from the downgrade of the US debt, and [the question of] what’s going to happen next in Europe.

Free for All: 01/09/12

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