FNC’s 2012 Digital Strategy…

MediaBeat’s Meghan Kelly writes about FNC’s 2012 Digital strategy and interviews VP of Digital Jeff Misenti… (via J$)

With the new year come new resolutions, and Fox News has one of its own: It’s adopting a new digital strategy that takes the mobile world into special account.

“The starting point for all [these changes] is there are more devices, more connectivity,” Fox New and Business’ vice president of digital, Jeff Misenti, told VentureBeat.

Fox is introducing a slew of new ways for its audience to interact with news anchors, articles, video content, live streaming, and even the front page of Fox News’ website itself. The emphasis, however, is on the recently adopted term “TV Everywhere.” A number of media outlets are taking to TV Everywhere as a way to deliver content to a number of different devices and to do that as seamlessly as possible. But syncing your customers’ viewing experience across a variety of screens is a challenge.

5 Responses to “FNC’s 2012 Digital Strategy…”

  1. Meghan Kelly should buddy-up with Megyn Kelly.

  2. “Your spelling is stupid.” “I’m pretty!”

  3. If the “glass” advertisement on the telly is any type of crystal ball, soon I’ll be able to ‘flick’ the programme I’m watching from the big screen in the bedroom to the mirror in the loo, and from there to my smartphone for the walk to the table in the kitchen.

    I think CNN started this digital strategery first, though, because with them I’ll get a hologram of Erin Burnett to do my flicking.

  4. I think Al needs subtitles for his comments.

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