Free for All: 01/09/12

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  1. Frank Rich Obama’s Foreign Policy Hasn’t Been A total Failure, accuses Rick Perry of wanting to invade Iraq again VIDEO.

    Like A Bat Out Of Hell, that’s how I would describe our exit from Iraq. Unfortunately we left Iraq, without a Status Of Forces Agreement.

  2. Oops. Mitt Romney: “I like firing people who work for me.”

    It’s out of context, but Huntsman is killing him with it. Romney is stumbling in NH right at the moment that Huntsman’s “all in” gamble there is gaining rapid steam. NH voters know a win for Romney practically gaurantees an easy roll to the nomination. They may decide to give Huntsman his turn first..

  3. starbroker Says:

    Nice piece with Tish Regan in Variety:

    Trish Regan gets down to business on Bloomberg – On The Air on

  4. Btw, if you think Obama is worried about Romney..HUNTSMAN is the Republican Death Star. He’s an actual conservative with no flip-flop record, who also appeals to moderates/independents. If there’s one candidate Obama has NO CHANCE against, it’s Huntsman.

  5. Yep. If Huntsman won the nomination, Obama would be in trouble. There are people who will vote R regardless, but I know a lot of conservatives who would vote third party or stay home instead of vote for Romney.

    Bush beat Kerry because of Kerry’s reputation as a flip flopper, Obama would destroy Romney because he changes his positions every single day.

  6. Not to mention, Huntsman may be very conservative, but there are a lot of people in the center and the left that are giving him a look.

    As for Santorum, Obama would win 44 states easily if the Republicans were dumb enough to nominate him.

  7. I haven’t looked at Huntsman closely enough to have any clue as to why he’s unpopular. He’s no more “moderate” than Romney, and doesn’t change position every five minutes. I was willing to give Newt (God help me) a second look based upon perceived honesty on immigration. If Huntsman and Romney say the exact same thing, you can be reasonably certain that Huntsman means it. That should be worth something.

  8. The fact that liberals seem to think they know who is the better Republican candidate… and keep changing it, I find funny.

    Larry Predicts:

    1) Romney gets the nomination.
    2) Romney defeats Obama.
    3) Obama staffers take all the “M” keys off the White House computers in spite.
    4) Keith Olberman regains his audience.

  9. Damn dirty liberals. Wait..

  10. “Leaving to spend time with the family.” Did they think that one up by themselves?

  11. Huntsman’s views aren’t really too different from Romney’s or even a good number of conservatives. But to me personally, Huntsman just isn’t a likable person. He seems to be a smug jerk most of the time and that makes him looks like he isn’t running for president for the right reasons. It’s one thing to be a jerk to other politicians but to be a jerk to the people you want to vote for you? No thanks.

    Romney gets nomination, loses to Obama, pray for a stronger field in 2016.

  12. “He wants to spend more time with his family, amirite people?”

  13. I’m not telling you who the “better Republican candidate is”. I’m telling you Obama can’t beat Huntsman. I’ve always believed that, but up ’til now it was academic.

  14. I don’t know or care enough about Huntsman to challenge that so I’m gonna say yep.

  15. lonestar77 Says:

    There’s something about Huntsman that I just don’t like. And, if he were the nominee, once the media got done with him he’d no longer appeal to any more people than Romney or any other candidate will.

    Conservatives aren’t going to stay home if Romney is the candidate. That’s silly.

  16. The question is, will moderates/independents support Romney. They/we have assumed he’s really a moderate, and he keeps trying to convince us he’s uber conservative. Some of us are starting to believe him.

    His Bain activities are starting to smell bad, too. I’m still learning what these guys did, and the more I learn, the more opportunistic and nasty it looks. I don’t see a whole lotta “job creation” coming from this guy..

  17. lonestar77 Says:

    In primaries, candidates run to their bases then back to the middle for the general? No way. Since when?

    When Dems do it (every election cycle), the media simply reports that this is what happens in primaries. When conservatives do it (every election cycle), the media tells us that the Republican candidate is scary, scary dangerous. And, probably evil.

  18. Uhh..”the media” is reporting the “base, jog to the middle” meme just as they always do. What I’m reacting to is that Romney may be more conservative at heart than I first believed. He’s working the “conservative principles” so hard that I find it difficult to imagine how much “back to the center” he can go without looking completely ridiculous.

  19. lonestar77 Says:

    I guess. But, I have no idea which conservative principles keep you up at night. He’s not going to attempt to fix the economy by taking money from certain people and giving it to others or by investing in non-existent “green energy” jobs.

  20. lonestar77 Says:

    Or, are you, like ABC, concerned about his views on a 1960something Supreme Court ruling regarding glow-in-the-dark condoms?

  21. The “green” in green jobs seems to be the disproportion of dollars required to create one.

  22. The esteemed watchdog of all media that matters reports Pat is suspended:

  23. But, I have no idea which conservative principles keep you up at night.

    I’m pretty wary of the “corporations are people”, “let’s chop up companies, bust the unions, outsource the labor and pocket the change” vibe he’s working. I’m also getting tired of the “unemployed, pink slip” lingo he throws around. He knows he has a reputation for ditching peoples’ jobs, and he responds by pretending he’s faced joblessness, too. That’s insulting. Can I have the other Mormon guy?

  24. Oh, and Romney looks like Gordon Gekko.

  25. 90 minutes to Dixville Notch!

  26. ^ Sounds like a painful procedure, doesn’t it?

  27. ^ It’s Christmas in this house.

  28. -What’s on your mind?-

    I drove past a music store this evening with a large sign advertising “Adult Keyboard Lessons” and with the word “Adult” blinking.

    What the bloody ‘ell are they selling?

  29. Consider my response to Al’s comment pre-scrubbed.

  30. Hey, somebody has to do the soundtrack for those movies.

  31. Waiting for the result from Dixville. “Wait..I meant to vote for Buchanan!”

  32. Sean said something about ‘hanging and swinging’, so I think his hologram got caught in the wayback machine.

  33. Romney and Huntsman tie..Obama wins!

  34. I’m sorry..I’m a sucker for this tradition.

  35. Beats the hell out of New Year’s, the day where we celebrate being one year closer to death.

  36. Well, that’s one way to look at it..

  37. I can’t believe the Paulbots didn’t go after the always valuable Dixville Bump.

  38. maddowRachel Maddow MSNBC
    Romney 2, Huntsman 2: Feel the Huntsmentum! #DixvilleNotch

  39. Apparently it’s the Chinese Year Of The Mormon.

  40. I thought it was The Year Of The Cat. Oh wait, I confused you with Al Stewart. Never mind..

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