New NYSE Set for Squawk on the Street…

This morning CNBC previewed its new NYSE set. The set should be operational in about a month or so…

Video of the preview…

9 Responses to “New NYSE Set for Squawk on the Street…”

  1. I believe this was used in Startrek IV to transport the whale.

  2. We are in sync…

  3. Yeah, but can it keep Shatner’s toupee on during the underwater scenes?

    Now that’s some special effects right there.

  4. There’s never a photon torpedo around when you need one.

  5. Hey, don’t be knockin Star Trek IV..also known as The San Francisco One. Also known as The Last One That Didn’t Suck And I Have To Watch The Frank Gorshin One To Recover.

  6. Hey don’t be knocking Frank Gorshin…

  7. No knocking of Gorshin. A great episode.

  8. “Are you sure it isn’t time for a colourful metaphor?”

  9. This is Kelly’s “colourful metaphor”. I’m sure he’s still up going over the Dixville results..

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