Trish Regan Profile

Variety’s Sam Theilman profiles Bloomberg’s Trish Regan who debuts today at 3pm…

Variety: Do you think people will get more interested in the economy as the campaign moves forward?

Regan: The horse race is very interesting; people vote their pocketbooks, and it’s going to come down to who they believe has the best economic policy. [For a reporter,] it’s an opportunity to really scrutinize at a very detailed level. That’s the responsible thing to do as a journalist; as a financial journalist, that’s the skill set that I bring to the table. […] I’m going to do a new segment on the show called Reganomix, to sort of mix it up and talk about these different policies.

Variety: It sounds like fun, honestly.

Regan: Maybe I’m a bit of a wonk and a dork, but I really enjoy it. In an election year, we’re looking at everything through an economic lens. Just look at this past year, all the volatility was incredible, and we ended up at exactly the same point at the end of the day. All the concerns came from the downgrade of the US debt, and [the question of] what’s going to happen next in Europe.


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