Free for All 01/10/12

I’m having an internet disruption so blogging is curtailed until it gets resolved. So that’s what’s on my mind. What’s on yours?

37 Responses to “Free for All 01/10/12”

  1. I’m wondering if they sent you a refurbished DSL modem.

  2. Your Motorola Xoom doesn’t have 4G?

  3. I think CBS This Morning is good, although in my view I feel like Erica and Gail aren’t the right fit for it. I think if Alison Stewart would’ve been a great edition to a show like this, and Krya Phillips, even though they no one ever considers them in that way I think the show would flow better. Erica could’ve easily been promoted to weekend evening editions and still be a valued. The anchor desk and set is great, and they should take down the glass wall for the green room and move some more desks/newsroom into that area. The set is a more modern version of MSNBC’s old secacus studio, and I love it, but it could use the greenroom space for more to play with.

    lol alright had to get that out of my system.

  4. I disagree about erica and gayle. i think they both are good fits. Three BORING anchors would be a disaster. The women help keep Charlie from being boring and putting the audience back to sleep.

  5. savefarris Says:

    Obama: “There’s no such thing as a job-killing regulation.”

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    MSNBC banner just now during Bashir’s show.

    Romney: “I like to fire people”.

    No context or anything else added. Just “I like to fire people”.

    When you think about it, MSNBC Super PAC really is awesome.

  7. imnotblue Says:

    ^ It’s Martin’s program. He may be the least ethical or honest person on that network… or even all of cable news.

  8. Not to mention that the quote is a phony. That’s NOT what Romney said. Watch for all the outrage over MSNBC lying in its lower-third. Yeah, right.

  9. Everybody knows it’s out of context. It’s being reported as the gaffe that it is. The unfortunate wording reminds people of his performance at Bain. That’s the story..try not to have a fit.

  10. No it’s not the context that I’m talking about. It’s the quote. It’s doctored. That is not a truthful quote of his words. He did not day, in or out of context, ‘I like to fire people’.

  11. Well I have to back-pedal, as I went and watched the Bashir segment online, and the banner did not say “I like to fire people”. The banner reported the quote accurately. So I retract my complaints about MSNBC lying in their lower third.

    However, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did lie, quoting Romney as saying “I enjoy firing people”…which is even worse than “I like to fire people”, and equally non-verbatim. Of course Martin Bashir just chuckled and moved on. No correction. But hey, that’s what’s expected of Bashir; he got the memo.

  12. Keep digging. No one “fires” their insurance company. They “switch” or “drop”. Using the term “fired” brings attention to the fact that he had a career which involved lots of people getting fired. It was a bizarre, Freudian gaffe.

  13. imnotblue Says:

    ^ I think after “The Apprentice” the phrase, “You’re fired” became pretty popular.

  14. Try to pay attention. I didn’t say it was or wasn’t a gaffe. I don’t care what your Freudian training tells you about it. I’m talking how the words themselves are not being reported verbatim.

    There is a difference between ‘i like to fire people’ and ‘I like being able to fire people’. The former is a ghoulish sentiment. The latter is an obvious truism–who would want to make it illegal to fire people? I’ve seen the former, doctored quote reported all over the place as what Romney said. The AP even put it in quotes. And of course everyone from DWS to Huntsman has used this doctored quote. I expect that from politicians. I don’t expect it from the daily beast and AP.

  15. New Hampshire Primary: FOX and CNN’s sets are miles above MSNBC. Seeing Tamron Hall carrying around an iPad to control their large screen is just lame. I could create a better set with a much smaller budget.

  16. lonestar77 Says:

    Either way, the way it was presented on the MSNBC banner was without context and it wasn’t discussed. Anyone tuning in and unaware of the actual quote would assume that Romney said he likes to fire people. That’s not even close to the discussion he was having.

    As for using the term “fire”. Well, low level managers have the ability to fire people so I guess their evil in the new game of everyone who doesn’t work at McDonald’s is evil.

  17. I had better “cutting edge technology” at my house in 2007 than MSNBC has in 2012.

  18. lonestar77 Says:



  19. Anyone “tuning in and unaware of the actual quote” who couldn’t figure out the gist of the story in two minutes, is too stupid to be watching cable news. Or Spongebob.

    “You’re fired.”

    I’ll bet even Trump was amazed Romney used the word. Unemployed, pink slip, fired…Mitt’s fascination with this type of wording – while running for President in a recession – is bizarre.

  20. lonestar77 Says:

    They didn’t talk about the story, Joe.

  21. If they ran a banner for the wrong story, then this whole conversation is worthless.

  22. Lots of people I know routinely use the word “fire” when referring to a company they no longer wish to do business with. I fired ADP payroll service a few months back and that’s exactly how I describe it. A maintenance guy messed up some equipment the week before Christmas and his employer made him fix it over the holiday break. “My boss said, ‘If Dr Al fires us then we’re firing you. So get it done.'”

    That was no gaffe.

  23. You just wait. If Romney is the nominee, his career at Bain will be combined with his fascination for “no job” words to cause him much grief. If you get rich firing people, any combination of “I like” and “firing” should be avoided at all costs.

  24. “Get rich firing people” is what the bull-headed, already anti-business crowd chooses to believe. Most everyone else intuitively understand that “profit” is the purpose of business and that it’s far better save a business by lowering payroll than allowing it to go under and everyone’s out.

  25. You’re mistaking political analysis for my views.

  26. There won’t be as many wild-eyed, know-nothing people going to the polls for Obama this time around. That’s who those tactics are directed toward.

  27. It’s politics. “Those tactics” are whatever you can come up with, and Romney – with a little help from his friends – has provided the Dems “plausible narrative”. Nice work, Willard.

  28. But there won’t be as many idiots buying that crap this time around. Didn’t do damage in NH and won’t in the general, either.

  29. You need independent “idiots” to win the general. Only hardcore Republican free marketers – the type that would have let the auto industry sink – will put up with the Bain stuff. Independents will respond to “vulture capitalist”.

  30. Independents by and large are not liberal and most are more free market leaning than not.

    -Auto industry sink-
    There are no such Republican free marketers. I would’ve allowed General Motors to sink and, from its ashes, the American auto market could revive itself. As it is now, market share is moving faster to foreign-owned companies.

  31. Huh? I don’t think the federal loan to GM and Chrysler led to higher foreign market share than if they had been left on their own.

  32. Ghoulish, sure.

    FTWes Wes
    Attn: @MikeRoweWorks! RT @FactsBook: The murder rate for an American prostitute is 204 for every 100,000, making it the most dangerous job.

  33. Moderation bites, doesn’t it?

  34. When did you send that?

  35. Think Progress links? Buchanan and The G@ys.

  36. Twitter Automation…

    […]Free for All 01/10/12 « Inside Cable News[…]…

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