Frontline vs. FNC?

Geraldo Rivera tells a tale of Lowell Bergman, News Corp., ProPublica, PBS’ Frontline, The Hacking Scandal, and UC Berkeley and manages to successfully tie them all together… (via J$)

I was stunned, therefore, when after some small talk about our children (five each) and now dead fellow colleagues, his eyes narrowed, his smile turned into a grimace, and he began interrogating me about News Corporation’s hacking scandal.

To be fair, he prefaced his questioning with a broad history of the scandal as reported in the New York Times. After I cracked how the Times ran a story a day about their rival’s woes in England, and virtually none about equally serious allegations concerning any of the other British tabloids, Lowell dropped his bomb.
He explained that his investigative reporting program at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, in association with reporters from ProPublica are probing our corporate parent, News Corp’s U.S. properties; specifically the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

The expose is due to run on PBS’ ‘Frontline,’ “in the next few months,” he told me in an ominous tone.

7 Responses to “Frontline vs. FNC?”

  1. I sure hope it has the onimous FRONTLINE music: BUMP BUM…BUMP BUM.

  2. With “ominous Frontline voice”. I love that guy.

  3. Brought to you by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, your local PBS stations, and people like you… THANK YOU.

    You say you didn’t want your tax money to go to this? Well, THANK YOU anyway.

  4. – ominous voice –

    I got an email from him. Well, I thought it was cool.

  5. You are correct. That’s pretty cool.

  6. Josh Kaib Says:

    Frontline did a very good doc about one of your mideast wars. Other than that I’ve never bothered to watch it. Since I’m paying for it I guess I should, you know, to get my money’s worth. Having said that, through my cable provider I get Lifetime and you don’t see me watching that creepy movie with Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson.

  7. Josh Kaib Says:

    one of OUR mideast wars

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