Ok, Now Pat Buchanan is Suspended. Or is he?

The Daily Caller’s Steven Nelson writes that Color of Change says that Pat Buchanan has been suspended by MSNBC…

“Amazing news!” a Color of Change email alert announced on Tuesday evening. “Pat Buchanan and his white supremacist ideology will no longer be on TV.”

Not a very accurate statement unless MSNBC can suspend Buchanan from all of TV. Which it can’t.

“MSNBC President Phil Griffin just confirmed that Buchanan is suspended indefinitely,” said the group, “because some of his ideas aren’t ‘appropriate for national dialogue on MSNBC.’”

Obvious question: Did Phil Griffin use the word “suspended” in communication with Color of Change or is Color of Change interpreting Griffin’s actions? Prior MSNBC suspensions to its staff (Shuster, Olbermann, Scarborough, Halperin) all were announced by the network or confirmed publicly via the media. This suspension, if it indeed is a suspension, hasn’t. At least not yet.

Until it is declared via release or via a media outlet, I don’t think you can emphatically state that he’s been suspended. He may well be suspended. Then again he may well not. We still don’t know for sure.

Update: My read was accurate. TVNewser reports that Color of Change was putting its own spin on events…

One problem: it’s just not true. But the Daily Caller wrote it up last night, that story got picked up on Drudge, and it took off from there.


22 Responses to “Ok, Now Pat Buchanan is Suspended. Or is he?”

  1. If it’s true, Pat’s “people of color” charge is what pushed Griffin today. I think Buchanan is turning back into “crazy mean culture warrior” as he ages. It’s too bad.

  2. Turning back? Did he ever leave that phase?

  3. He certainly toned it down for MSNBC for a few years. I didn’t follow him in other venues.

  4. Buchanan says he is on “medical leave”… being on MSNBC would make most people sick too.

  5. Whether Pat is suspended or not is a mute point. He will not be back on MSNBC. Not after what Griifin publicaly said. Color of (we own you) Change would turn red. What is going on now is a Kabuki dance to determine the settlement of contract issues.

  6. Daily Caller says Color of Change has gotten confirmation of Pat’s suspension.

    “Color of Change has launched several successful campaigns to remove conservative commentators from mainstream media platforms. The group was successful in encouraging many advertisers to desert Glenn Beck’s Fox News program, after Beck said that President Obama had “a deep seated hatred for white people.”

    The group similarly succeeded in a campaign to have conservative website mogul Andrew Breitbart banned from the front page of The Huffington Post, after Breitbart called the organization’s co-founder Van Jones a “cop killer-supporting, racist, demagogic freak. And a commie. And an eco-fraudster.”

    Liberals seem devoted to shutting down voices they find objectionable. Conservatives complain, but tend to let angry dogs bark.

  7. It’s interesting that there has been no mention by any MSNBC talent (aside from a single comment from Scarborough referring to Buchanan’s illness) about this controversy. I’m not sure if this says more about how Pat’s co-workers feel about him and his controversial views or whether it just shows that after the KO fiasco they just want to stay out of the crossfire (pun intended).

  8. Joe Scarbough has been burnt making comments about MSMBC talent. He is pretty careful there days. I thought it perhaps daring when the subject of Pat running in the New Hampsure Primary came up today, Joe remarked, “Pat’s our friend”.

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    “Liberals seem devoted to shutting down voices they find objectionable.”

    Yeah, and when we complain about it, it’s our fault.

  10. “Liberals seem devoted to shutting down voices they find objectionable.”

    Very true indeed.

  11. If he’s on medical leave it would be just with msnbc because he still is part of the mclaughlin group and just him there last weekend.

  12. If you’re gonna make stupid comments that sound like something a skinhead would say, yeah.. someone might find it objectionable.

  13. “Liberals seem devoted to shutting down voices they find objectionable.”

    So does the other side. They both do it.

  14. I’m surprised that he lasted as long as he did.

  15. “So does the other side. They both do it.”

    I don’t think that’s true. The conservative side challenges and often makes too much of a big stink about opposing voices, but I seldom hear calls for shutting them down.

  16. Yeah, nobody thinks MSNBC should fire Al Sharpton.

  17. ^ Seems to me everybody but me thinks that. And I would, too, if I cared.

  18. Thinking that Al Sharpton should be fired was factored in. The whole purpose was to get attention. I think.Buchanan predates MSNBC’s turn. Given the general tolerance-level of the Left, he’s had a good run.

  19. Yes, Buchanan was around when MSNBC was going for that coveted Michael Savage/Alan Keyes demo.

  20. Stars of the highly-successful “Michael Savage Hates Everybody” and “Alan Keyes Is Smarter Than Everybody Else”.

  21. I have no problem with Sharpten having his show. I think many were saying if MSNBC fires Pat logic dictates they should fire Sharpton too. Maybe, but I wouldn’t want to lend my voice to censorship.

  22. I was in favor of firing Savage and Keyes on the basis they were awful. Hmm. Maybe I’ll change my mind about firing Sharpton. But not his pie. I’m going to steal that.

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