Piers Morgan: Year Two…

TVNewser’s Alex Weprin writes about changes coming to Piers Morgan Tonight. Looks like I can scratch another 2012 New Years Resolution off my list.

The goal is to make the program “a bit more mischievous, certainly more humor, more opinionated,” Morgan says.

“PMT” will be adding signature segments, and injecting more of Morgan’s personality into it.

“We will still have long-format interviews where appropriate, but less,” he says. “It will have a much newsier, and I hope humorous tone to it as well.”

On another note what is it with CNN being incapable of uttering a previous talent’s/show’s names? CNN has gone out of its way not to use the words “John King, USA” when discussing year to year numbers of OutFront with Erin Burnett. And now we get this from Ken Jautz…

“Viewers don’t like to see change when they get accustomed to something,” Jautz said. “For Piers here, he only went into the slot where the previous occupant had been there for 25 years, and in a format that never changed and a set that never changed.”

Come on Ken…you can do it…Larry…..King. See? That wasn’t too hard. It’s not a crime to acknowledge the past you know. The more you try to not acknowledge it, the sillier you end up looking…much like O’Reilly refusing to use the words “Keith Olbermann” on the air.

9 Responses to “Piers Morgan: Year Two…”

  1. Opples and aranges, Mr. S. Bill O’Reily was clever not to use Voldemort’s name. It gave a nice snark to the feud with a layer of disdain for not naming the guy with a third of his ratings. He took most of his shots at NBC and GE.

  2. This is very good news. I like Piers, and if the show can pick up the pace and snark a bit, I’ll like him more. The confrontational interview last night with the “Obamas” author was promising. It’s in the news, the First Lady responded to it, and Morgan did a good job of challenging its “this is what Michelle was feeling” journalism.

  3. In discussing the book with Giuliani, he referred to it as a bung of “journalistic tittle tattle”. Work it, Brit boy.

  4. missy5537 Says:

    Accusing Sarah Palin of causing the Tucson shooting is not “mischievious” or “opinionated” enough?

    Maybe this year he can blame her for the Lindbergh kidnapping. Or the disappearance of Natalee Hollowell.

  5. I’ll be needing some confirmation that Piers accused Palin of causing the shooting..

  6. I saw the interview twice, and thought maybe you had some new material from Twitter or something. Nowhere in that transcript does Piers accuse Palin lof “causing” the shooting. He specifically says she “wasn’t responsible, but was irresponsible” with the gunsight map. You can argue with that assertion if you want, but making up your own facts is not acceptable.

  7. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, by stating that some apology was in order most certainly DOES imply that Palin was complicit in the shooting.

    And the idea of “targeting” someone, whether it be in a political race, sports event or any other aspect in life, was not invented by Sarah Palin. Nor is she the originator of such a strategy.

    And it still bothers me that the other victims of this shooting largely go ignored – even those who were murdered are never mentioned.

  8. He said some sort of apology was in order for a “targeting map” Gabby is on video complaining about before the shooting. It’s obvious what Piers was talking about, and “Palin caused the shooting” is not it.

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