What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/15/12

What’s Hot:

Lizzie O’Leary jumps from Bloomberg to CNN – Loss for Bloomberg, interesting pickup for CNN…

What’s Not:

Early Start’s Early Gaffe – That prank phone call thing sure is working out well ain’t it?

Frontline vs. News Corp – If you want to get dirt on News Corp you aren’t going to get anywhere by trying to go through someone who’s committed to the company. Worse, if it’s Geraldo Rivera he just might out you…

Ummm…now what? – Shorter New Hampshire Primary Coverage: Mitt Romney wins! Now here’s three hours of useless baloney to fill the time and keep us looking relevant when this thing was all but over by 8pm EST.

Alex Wagner – Watch out for those hot mics

Color of Change – Color of Change came out proclaiming that Pat Buchanan had been suspended from MSNBC and intimated that Phil Griffin had somehow conveyed this information to them. I doubted it was the case and the next day TVNewser shot the story down.

11 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/15/12”

  1. — Early Start —

    Finally saw that/Jon Stewart’s response on Reliable Sources. I have seen some stupid sh|t on TV-news, but ‘journalists’ making prank-calls – and getting a wrong number – has to top the list.

  2. The Color of Change is RED, as in these skunks should be red faced if they had any sense of decency.

  3. Forgive me for not knowing who Lizzie O’Leary is, but how is it possible that ANYONE from Bloomberg makes the “hot” list? They have fewer viewers than Current TV, don’t they?

  4. Bloomberg is cable news. This is a cable news blog.

  5. The fact that Alex Wagner’s barely audibly open mic slip is considered a “hot” story for the week just shows what a slow week it was in cable news. Ordinarily this would barely qualify as a HOLTV clip.

  6. “hot” should read “Not Hot” Sorry.

  7. I forgot to check the box, so, “check”.

  8. Attendance has been taken.

  9. Ordinarily this would barely qualify as a HOLTV clip.

    It would have made the HOLTV if I had known about it at the time.

  10. I take it everyone is assuming it was a slip.

  11. I’m not. It wasn’t a slip. It was like Matthews’ reaction to Bobby Jindahl’s State of the Union response. The thing was neither realized their mics were still hot.

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