Free for All: 01/16/12

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  1. lonestar77 Says:

    I can’t wait to read the liberal outrage. This has every element of evil evangelical political Christianity that the left hates…except for the political side. I am holding my breath in 3.2.1…

  2. Breath now. taint gonna happen

  3. ^I just saw that five minutes ago and am stunned at how openly political and partisan she was. She even praises the killing of Bin Laden! At a house of worship! From the pulpit! Talk about hubris.

    I know the “Imagine if this was a Republican?” line is old and unoriginal but, well, imagine a top Republican White House official making such an overtly political speech at a church?

    My guess is that the White House knows that (1) they can get away with this or (2) if there’s a stink it’ll only generate greater black turnout. A win/win.

    Yeah, I think this group is that cynical.

  4. lonestar77 Says:

    You had it 100% correct with this:

    “My guess is that the White House knows that (1) they can get away with this”

  5. And now Huntsman shall favor us with his version of what is wrong with the Republican party. Hint: We’re not nice enough, apparently like the Democrats. The mystery of his failure deepens.

  6. ^^Three exclamation points are a bit much I admit.

    ??? > !!!

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    I think this sums up Huntsman’s campaign well:

    Afterall, there was a reason the MSM and the left liked the guy. And, it’s because he acted as if he hated conservatives as much as they do.

  8. lonestar77 Says:

    You know Huntsman will get an offer from MSNBC or CNN.

  9. lonestar: dam* stinking right – how long do you think it will take?

  10. lonestar77 Says:

    This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy about people today. Brian Williams sent a confidential e-mail to Gawker & they decide to post it on their site. Is there anybody out there that isn’t a self promoting d-bag? I really hate people. That’s prolly why I’m not in sales.

  11. lonestar77 Says:


    I’d be surprised if hasn’t happened already.

    Dear Governor Huntman:
    Would you like to come on the air and tell everybody exactly why conservatives suck so bad?



  12. DrewM
    Huntsman’s endorsement brings Romney his vote, his wife’s, 3 daughters and a son-in-law to be named later. #Powerful.

  13. lonestar77 Says:

    Neat how everybody on the left is just amazed that Republican primary voters wouldn’t support someone as awesome as Huntsman. Yeah, there’s a reason they like him and we don’t. His campaign strategy was to please the media and bash the conservative base. Genius!

  14. Politics from the pulpit at a black church? That’s also known as “Sunday at a black church”. I think it’s safe to say most ICNers have never been to one, and don’t know how it works.

  15. Politics from the pulpit at a black church? That’s also known as “Sunday at a black church”.

    Sure, politics coming from a reverend, pastor, priest, has a long history in America – black or white or any color of church. The Civil Rights movement was essentially run out of the church basement.

    But not raw partisan politics from a top adviser to the President.

    Now that’s different.

    This wasn’t the pastor of the church, Joe.

    And don’t you find it a bit odd – black or white church – that she would praise the killing of Bin Laden? From the pulpit? That’s a weird place to be promoting such things.

  16. That’s a weird place to be promoting such things.

    Weird in the sense of incongruous or not suitable.

  17. I’ve spent much time in predominantly white churches which were very partisanly political, including from guest speakers. No, I don’t find any of this particularly unusual or newsworthy.

  18. . No, I don’t find any of this particularly unusual or newsworthy.

    I am not aware of a top adviser to the President ever doing something like this in a church.

    Pastors? Yeah. Community leaders? Yeah. Even mayors or city council members? Occasional governor? Yes.

    But one of the top advisers to the president? From the pulpit?

    That’s unusual.

    And I’ll offer that if this was Rove praising the killing of Bin Laden by Bush from the pulpit that it would raise a bit of a stink.

    Granted, that’s not original but it’s the best I can do.

  19. Our church is very apolitical, but the preacher has been known to quote Anne Lamott, which is kinda cool. Yeah, that’s all I got.

  20. Well, you’re dealing with a very specific situation: A black advisor to a black President at a black church on MLK Day. Different cultures have different styles and traditions. This is much ado about nothing.

  21. A black advisor to a black President at a black church on MLK Day.

    No, we have to hold all top presidential advisers and all Presidents to the same standard regardless of race. This isn’t simply a “black” adviser to a “black” President. This is a top adviser that has influence over policies that affect all Americans not just black ones. Ms. Jarrett’s a powerful woman.

    At some point we have to treat everybody equally. Not to a higher standard and not to a lower one.

    And a top adviser to the most powerful man in the world is one of those points.

  22. I’m not arguing that a white advisor in the future would be a problem. I’m responding to the “has this ever happened before” hysteria.

  23. I’m responding to the “has this ever happened before” hysteria.

    Well I’m the hysteric I guess. I view her as an adviser first and a black woman second. You view it in reverse.

    I’m not aware of a top presidential adviser who has influence over policies affecting all Americans and not just one group making such an overtly political and partisan speech directly from the church pulpit.

    If she was an adviser on “black issues”, fine. But she’s not.

    I understand the historical sources of the black church and politics. For decades – probably a century – it was the only place where black Americans could organize and have a voice in their government.

    But this is America in 2012 and not Selma in 1962.


  24. But she is not angry.

  25. I think the Scriptures read: When Osama striketh the North Tower, turn and offereth the South Tower. Then kill him.

  26. imnotblue Says:

    Don’t you guys know the only way we can achieve real equality, is by havinh double standards, and making excuses for “some people.”

    That’s the path to fairness! Inequality! Duh.

  27. These “cheering audience” debates are useless. It’s like watching American Idol.

  28. What’s the 800 number to vote for Joe?

  29. Romney will definitely probably most likely release his tax returns in April. Time will tell. Maybe.

  30. jdickerson John Dickerson
    Paul often sounds like he has just finished the concoction and is rubbing his hands as it fizzles and bubbles in the cauldron.

  31. “Well, Juan, when the pro-gun people go up against the anti-gun lobby, the folks with the guns win.”

  32. Larry Sabato
    I don’t shoot varmints, I hit them with my car.

  33. Ron Paul has proven, once and for all, that he’s old and nuts and not a little bit annoying.

  34. This was a good drinking game debate. I bet who played were falling out of their chairs within the first 20 minutes.

  35. Whoever predicted that Frank Luntz’ new hairstyle would bear a striking resemblance to Herman Munster just won a lot of money.

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