Trouble at Bloomberg?

Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan writes about “trouble” at Bloomberg…

How paranoid are Bloomberg staffers? We’ve already heard that they can’t leak documents because “every email… in or out is tracked.” Bloomberg’s internal security force, employees believe, actively monitors employee communications—not only by reading their emails, but by keeping them under constant video surveillance at work—which serves to keep employees terrified. After our two posts on Friday, one staffer—who was presumably considering becoming a source—emailed to ask how he could be sure that Bloomberg didn’t hire us “to find employees who complain.”

Now that is world-class paranoia. Other staffers did email us, at length, but begged that their emails not be published. From the emails we’ve received, we can make the following general observations:

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9 Responses to “Trouble at Bloomberg?”

  1. Sounds like the good ol’ days in East Germany before the Wall fell.

  2. ^Hilarious. But I’m still interested on why all the paranoia and secrecy over there.

  3. Margaret Brennan left CNBC for that?

  4. Don’t forget Trish Regan too. She’s another under-appreciated CNBCer who jumped.

    The biz nets seem to compete more over talent than the news nets do. So many people have recently left one network to join another.

    Brian Sullivan left FBN for CNBC.
    Trish Regan left CNBC for Bloomberg
    Melissa Francis left CNBC for FBN.
    Lori Rothman left Bloomberg for FBN (might be more than a year ago).

  5. Trish doesn’t count. She left CNBC months before going to Bloomberg. She freelanced at ABC for a while inbetween.

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