Free for All: 01/17/12

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29 Responses to “Free for All: 01/17/12”

  1. savefarris Says:

    Terrible actress, but the point is valid. Maddow caught in another hypcrisy. Shocker!

  2. FYI, Uverse has moved Fox Business from U300 to U200 which apparently happened at the same time FNC went from U100 to U200.

    Therefore U200 gets both and the “Best of Imus” at 5am sure shows a lot of Herman Cain.

  3. If anyone at CNN is reading this, please ask Suzanne Malveaux to sit up straight. Does she have an invisible parrot sitting on her left shoulder or what?

  4. I’ve done Burger King and Domino’s, but delivering hamburgers just seems weird.

  5. larry: George Stephanopoulus did the same thing on This Week on Sunday morning. It looked like he was posing for a head shot. Quite annoying.

  6. Josh Kaib Says:

    Andy, so I guess that means he’d be paying more under his plan than under Obama’s tax system. Yeah, the Now panel today brought this up, missing the point that Romney would be paying more under his plan than he is now. Oops.

    They also weirdly brought up that Romney’s father was born in Mexico, which means he must be for illegal immigration or he’s a hypocrite. Last time I checked, George Romney was AN AMERICAN CITIZEN born to American missionaries and who later ran for President without causing any “birther” conspiracy theories. It’s not like he swam across the Rio Grande or hitched a ride with a smuggler to get to America for a job.

  7. Okay, Romney has been living off investments of capital gains which are taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income. I sold some stock last year in companies that make stuff in the USA. The lower tax rate on capital gains is what incouraged me to buy the stock in the first place. Big Ed can kiss my portfolio.

  8. I sold some stock once. As a cashier at 7-11. Then I had to restock the shelves.

  9. All I know about capital gains is that you get taxed on the full amount that you make in a single year. If you have a capital loss, you can only claim $3000 of it on that year’s taxes, with the rest carried-over until it’s done. You’re welcome. Cash will do.

  10. I started out making $125/week working 11 hours /day six days a week. Family too poor to own a home or a car. Worked my way through college and got a job as an engineer. Used that job first paycheck to buy a new pair of shoes and a share of GE. Had I know they would create MSNBC, I would have just stuck with shoes.

  11. Nancy doesn’t like our candidates. Poopies.I guess we do have something in common.

  12. Anyone who has owned a house and sold it for more than what they paid it for has realised a capital gain. Of course, there are tax loopholes that most will take advantage of so not to owe any capital gains taxes. Damn those selfish people who take advantage of existing tax law.

  13. As with the attacks on Bain, it’s amusing to see fellow Republicans taking shots at Mitt for his tax-rate. Um, aren’t we in favor of lower taxes, especially on cap gains?

  14. Just learned Obama’s newly appointed Budget Director is a Bain alumni.

  15. Rachel Maddow just talked about SOPA on MSNBC. From my count, this is only the second mention on American mainstream television news. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pick my jaw up off the floor.

  16. @Josh: Nice try, dawg. If he’s already cheating the system that much, he’ll continue to. Why hasn’t Willard released his tax returns?

  17. Why hasn’t Willard released his tax returns?

    Because releasing them now would be dumb. He’ll likely have to release his most recent return if he wins the nomination, anyway, and those won’t likely be ready until April at the earliest.

  18. Oops. Lawrence O’Donnell was prepared to fire both barrels at Ron Paul on his Rewrite segment, until he checked his facts and found the AP story about Dr. Paul’s first class airfare was inaccurate. So he went after the AP.

  19. Lawrence is awesome.

  20. Insisting on calling Romney “Willard” in every post, according to my snark-o-meter, reduces the attention to whatever follows by 15%. Kind of like calling F. Lee Bailey “F”. Obnoxiously distracting.

  21. Your AWSOME is my OBNOXIOUS but “each to his own” as the woman said when she kissed the cow.

  22. George Romney was AN AMERICAN CITIZEN born to American missionaries and who later ran for President without causing any “birther” conspiracy theories.

    The issue of Gov. Romney’s eligibility for POTUS was raised during the campaign. It was a minor controversy of about the same level as was with Sen. Goldwater’s eligibility (born in Arizona before it became a state). President Arthur was rumoured to have been born in Canada and his eligibility continued to be questioned even after he left office. Part of that issue had to do with his Irish-born father even though there was no question of his mother’s birth on Vermont soil. So it appears that stupidity about who qualifies as “natural born” is nothing new.

  23. But it gets in the way as it appears the reason Obama’s transcripts are not being released as they show periods when he was home schooled in Nairobi.

  24. His dad could have been the ambassador from Vulcan and his home-school teacher could’ve been T’Pau, herself, but it matters not as his mother’s first breath took place in Kansas, USA.

  25. Who gives a flip if Obama and his mom spent time in Kenya? It’s silly.

  26. @andylevy: Am I the only one who’s worried that once Wikipedia goes black it’ll never go back?

    @mpoppel: TIP: Press “escape” before Wiki page finishes loading. Avoids blackout.

  27. Do people read Wiki every day? Oh..Andy uses it for ombudsing. Yeah, that could be a problem..

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