What’s Wrong is Right Again?

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes about the CNBC/Bain Capital fiasco which got discredited only to now possibly turn out to be not so wrong after all…

But as it turns out, the government documents may have been wrong, which would make Javers’ reporting right. BI reported Friday night:

When we contacted the Treasury, they said that the report was hastily written and that they were, in fact, referring to Bain and Company of Mitt Romney fame. So according to the Treasury, they did talk to Bain and Company…

A CNBC source tells TVNewser Bain & Company has not yet called Javers back.

But for now, the story remains off CNBC.com, with the site’s managing editor writing on Sunday, “We did some subsequent investigation which revealed that the story may not have been entirely wrong after all,” but adding that Javers’ story, “suggested a much stronger tie than was the case.”

9 Responses to “What’s Wrong is Right Again?”

  1. missy5537 Says:


    Who cares what Romney did YEARS AGO! 0bama is destroying the country as we speak. Write about THAT, OK?

  2. ^ what she said.

  3. It goes to Romney’s character. His penchant for making money off others’ losses, and his fascination with phrases like “pink slip” and “fired”, are disturbing.

  4. There’s a philosophy called “the survival of the fittest”. Sounds to me this is what this is all about. There used to be a time where we were brought up to believe that you needed to take care of yourself and if you failed you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and got back to what ever it is you needed to do get ahead. Now, it appears that whining is the way to go to get others to feel sorry for you. People wanted/want Romney to put good $ after bad and from my perspective sometimes you need to cut your loses and move on.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    “His penchant for making money off others’ losses,”

    Yeah, capitalism sucks. It should be like soccer where everytthing ends in a tie and we should all be paid with ribbons & trophies.

  6. The Joe Party would keep buggywhip factories, subsidized by taxing the 1%, humming.

  7. He can make as much money as he wants, but if a lot of it comes from laying people off, maybe babbling about ‘pink slips’ and ‘firing’ isn’t a good campaign tactic.

    I have no idea why you guys can’t follow campaign analysis.

  8. Mitt might want to back off the “don’t get paid much in speaking fees” mantra, too. We know you’re rich, Mitt. You’re the one making it seem like a problem.

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