Free for All: 01/18/12

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76 Responses to “Free for All: 01/18/12”

  1. savefarris Says:

    Carryover from yesterday’s discussion:
    joe’s right, the left NEVER makes false accusations of racism. They’re always very careful before making such an incendiary charge.

    Matthews: Gingrich is racist for repeating Juan Williams’s name.

  2. Kiss off, Farris. I didn’t say that. You have a habit of making up quotes for me.

  3. Alex Weprin
    Unreal, wow RT @cschweitz: Today in YES REALLY: “Costa Concordia captain claims he tripped and fell into a lifeboat”

    Reminds me of the time I tripped and fell into a Pizza Hut.

  4. Ed Henry
    NY Post’s classic front page on Italian cruise captain: Chicken of the Sea .. @newyorkpost CAPTAIN’S NOT COURAGEOUS,

  5. Here’s a hint if the pack of righties around here would like to see my comment count drop off: Don’t start the day by baiting me with BS.

  6. I don’t think we want your comment level down.

    Just your common sense level up.

  7. MSNBC’s been going after Willard Romney all week. All I can say is, it’s about time. For the longest time, Andrea Mitchell seemed to be in the tank for Willard.

  8. ^ Again, Andy? Why “Willard?”

    What is the purpose?

  9. Willard is an euphemism for “not who he says he is”. Common sense would tell you that.

  10. ^ So using Hussein, or Soetoro, would be equally appropriate?

  11. Sure, then you can sound just as silly as we do saying ‘Willard’. It’s a harmless jab, don’t have a fit.

  12. — Hussein —

    Nah, that was racist.. 😉

  13. Wth is a Soetoro?

  14. ^ As a matter of fact, that WAS a “racist dog whistle” as I recall.

    Funny how things change.

  15. Using derogatory references against Obama is a CHANGE?

  16. I really wish MSNBC would expand NewsNation to two hours.

    @imnotblue Willard is Willard Romney’s real name.

  17. Put Andrea on at 12, and Tamron up against Megyn from 1-3.

  18. Mitt is Romney’s real name, too, and there’s nothing derogatory about calling him by his first name. It’s a bit juvenile, maybe, but that’s ok.

  19. imnotblue Says:

    @ Joe
    @ Andy

    Oh, I know “Willard” is his birth name, just as “Barack Hussein Soetoro” is Pres. Obama’s birth name.

    But I also remember how the left screamed “Racism!” when anyone on the right used it.

    That’s what funny in how things change. One day it’s wrong, immoral, and possible racist to refer to a Presidential candidate by their birth name. And the next, it’s perfectly acceptable.

    Some might call that hypocrisy, or lacking in ethics. And they’d be right.

  20. imnotblue Says:

    @ Al

    Totally agree. “Willard” is an uncommon name, but then again, so is “Barack.”

    So really, who cares?

  21. So really, who cares?

    As far as I can tell, you’re the only one.

    Btw, I don’t remember anyone of note saying “Hussein” was racist. As I ecall, it was considered a silly attempt to make the President sound like a Muslim terrorist. Which was funny, because Saddam wasn’t a Muslim.

  22. No one actually cares. It’s childish, and indicates the intellect of the user.

    — “I don’t remember” —

    What else is new.

  23. imnotblue Says:

    @ Joe

    Well no, I don’t care… because I don’t think it’s offensive. I was just curious about why the left has apparently changed their mind on such things.

    As for “not remembering?” Really? Are you serious? Shall I pull up page after page from Media Matters? Remind you that McCain was forced to apologize for SOMEONE ELSE using “Hussein?” Bring up article after article, or YouTube clips of people saying it was “offensive” to use his middle name?

    Seriously? Either you’ve got some pretty serious memory issues, or your more dishonest than I previously thought.

  24. You’ll have to delineate between “offensive” and “racist”. “Hussein” was an attempt to make Obama seem threatening, as if he was Muslim and/or a terrorist. Mostly it was just hysterically juvenile.

  25. Btw, there’s a collection of Tea Party birther nimrods who still use his middle name to much amusement among their collective of basement bloggers waiting for mommy to call them for dinner.

  26. — you’ll have to delineate between —

    Tell it to the Left. They seem to have trouble with that one. We tend to respond in-kind, in a vain attempt at making a point, which of course is always missed, oddly enough.

  27. “We don’t have much of a connection with the Occupiers..” so sayeth Nancy Pelosi. Amazing what a little smoke bomb at the White House will do. On top of all their other ‘non-violent’ activities.

  28. Remember when Joe was such a defender of the Occupiers? Could have told you so Joe. Come to think of it, I did.

    Andy, next use of “Willard” and you will have to write “Barry Obama” 100 times.

  29. mlong5000 Says:

    Guess after the rapes,assaults,drug overdoses and child endangerment Princess Botox Pelosi is getting a little gunshy trying ti embrace the OWS movement…but I bet she’ll still say the Tea Party members are the real dangerous ones.

  30. Chris Matthews talking about Willard Romney’s tax return now, thinks it’s damaging. I agree. When conservatives rally around a flat tax that would eliminate the tax burden for the rich and put it all on the poor, it’s tough for them to now say the rich are overtaxed when Willard pays less in taxes than I do.

    Righties called Obama an elitist and still do, but they expect me to support Willard M. Romney? HAH!

  31. Yes, we know that your vote was up for grabs until that bit of info came out. Just like Matthews. Whatever.

  32. This campaign is gonna be BORING.

  33. imnotblue Says:

    Andy… you may be confused, so let me help.

    “Elitist” does not mean “wealthy.” It means someone who sees himself (or herself) as vastly superior, and more enlightened than everyone else, as a result of what they have. Someone who looks down their nose at people who aren’t like them, who may disagree with them, or who come from a different background as them.

    You can be wealthy, and not be elitist.

    It is synonymous with arrogant, condescending, and egotistical.

    So Romeny’s wealth speaks nothing to him being an “elitist.”

  34. Romney’s too busy being clueless to be elitist. The Occupy movement established a narrative which Mitt is drowning in every time he opens his mouth. No wonder he avoided interviews for six months…

  35. imnotblue Says:

    Which part of that narrative throws smoke bombs at the White House?

    It’s cute that you’re clinging onto the nobility of the Occupy movement, but that time is over. When even NanNan is trying to distance herself, it’s time to walk away, and “fail to remember” that you ever supported them.

  36. I support the cause. Don’t mean shyte to me if some crackheads agree with me. Or maybe I should criticize your support of conservative causes because some idiots do, too. Your ability to categorize large groups of people as This Thought and That Thought is growing tedious.

  37. -“Willard” is an uncommon name-

    I’d say “Mitt” is less common than “Willard”. The only other “Mitt” I’ve ever heard of is that Chicago Bear quarterback cousin he was named after, and for that guy “Mitt” really was a nickname.

  38. Barry Obama

    don’t let the kids know my real name

    Barry Obama

  39. The only ‘Willard’ I know is a rat, though not personally. If y’all want to imitate Ann Coulter with her ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, have at it.

  40. I know a lot of “Hussein”s of various spellings personally. Maybe not as common as “Robert” but certainly in the running.

  41. My middle name is Remi, which was technically my real name as a kid because my French-Canadian dad was too stupid to know what a PITA it would be. You can call me Remi now if you please, but it’s Frenchist.

  42. Ah, Willard wasn’t the rat. My bad. Never actually saw the movie, fortunately.

  43. Willard, boy. Ben, rat.

  44. I know Ben from the song, which is actually somewhat less weird when you know it’s about a rat..

  45. Willard’s old enough to have caught hell for his name because of those flicks. Betcha $10,000…

  46. imnotblue Says:

    joeremi Says:
    January 18, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Or maybe I should criticize your support of conservative causes because some idiots do, too.

    Yes, you and others on the left should START doing that. Right. Ha!

    The short term memory strikes again.

  47. I’ve never claimed your support of conservative thought was a problem because of someone else’s agreement with it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Now run along and wash up before show time. American Idol starts at 8…you wouldn’t wanna miss Steven..

  48. “Remi” has a nice ring to it.

    “Larry” sounds like a stooge.

  49. Check Drudge. Now.

  50. Bye bye, Newtie.

  51. ABC News struggling about what do do / when with Newt ex wife interview. I suspect anything helping Romney is distasteful to them.

  52. Isn’t DRUDGE just the best?!

  53. Willard has to be laughing his ass off. I know I am.

  54. Has Olbermann returned from Grinchville? Might check tonight to see if he has paid the electric bill.

  55. Ben the two of us need look no more
    ABC found what we were looking for
    Newt’s ex has thrown us a juicy bone
    We and Paul will soon be along.
    A better friend you will never see,
    than pissed-off wife at ABC.

  56. imnotblue Says:

    @ Joe

    Two points:

    Many on the left have beat the racist drum for years now, exposing every knucklehead they can, and attaching them to a right-of-center group (like the Tea Party). If you don’t “remember” that, it’s not my problem. It just means you should probably seek out a medical professional.

    Secondly, I can’t sit through American Idol, and have never watched Steven on that show. I don’t begrudge him for doing it, but those competitions just aren’t my thing. Especially in the early stages… just seems mean to me.

  57. I can’t find where but this isn’t much new as Marianne Gingrich unloaded on her ex before. Nasty, bitter woman… and I really do like her.

  58. — nasty, bitter woman —

    Like that should be a bad thing?

  59. Still pitch black behind that nasty man.


    6:30 PM ET | 3:30 PM PT
    This Saturday

    with K.O., David S.
    & somebody Henderson
    Young Turks need not apply

  60. So Blue, what you’re saying is that people who don’t remember things the way you do need “medical professional help”? That’s quite a caseload..

  61. Willard Mitt Romney is in good company:

    British PM Arthur N. Chamberlain
    US Pres. Stephan G. Cleveland
    NASCAR driver Ralph D. Earnhardt
    FLOTUS Ann E. Roosevelt….

  62. Ann? No wonder.

  63. Ralph was Dale’s dad.

  64. ^ Fine, Ralph D. Earnhardt Jr.

    And, since this is a cable news blog… Robert T. Turner

  65. imnotblue Says:

    I suppose that really depends, Joe. If I remember things that happened, and the other person routinely “forgets” things that happen when they’re bad for his political party (or catch him, or the party, in some blatant hypocrisy)… then yes, perhaps they should seek help.

    Either that, or try a little honesty. You know, whichever is easier.

  66. I would try a little less morphing one particular moderate lefty into a generic Progressive Left, and a LOT less mail order medical diagnosis, Sparky. We have actual for real doctors and EMTs here.

  67. Lawrence O’Donnell (speaking about Modern Family): If I said the F word right now, MSNBC would have to suspend me for the rest of my life.

    LOD, You do work for “The Place For Suspensions”.

  68. Michael_Haz
    Somewhere in a large house in Bel-Air, Gloria Allred is screaming at her secretary “Peggy!! Get me Marianne Gingrich’s telephone number!”

  69. Here’s what’s weird about being Newt Gingrich. The assumption is that everything we know is already so loathsome that the next steps down are unthinkable..and he may win SC. I say he shot a man in Reno..

  70. Silly me – forgot all about Keith R. Murdoch.

  71. Rick Santorum: “I don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, and come up with a harebrained idea every 20 minutes.” He’s looking better and better.

  72. Memo to groups looking to make fun of a Rachel Maddow commercial: She will put on a stupid wig and have an excellent time with it.

  73. The funny thing is..she didn’t really fight it. She established the disclaimer that Obama wants the permit process completed, then ran the ad in full; put on a wig; laughed; and said, “Thanks for knowing who I am.” It’s a web ad. How much you wanna bet the only TV show that played it was Rachel’s?

  74. Sounds like it’ll just be stuff that she’s said before, but wrapped up nice and tidy like a turd with a bow on it. Might stem his momentum for Saturday, though.

  75. must have cut a little too close to the Maddow bone

  76. I think ABC News should interview Obam’s uncle, then his aunt… two days before the general.

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