CNN’s Crowd Egging Debate Controversy…

When NBC had its crowd-noiseless debate on Monday, it drew criticism from some quarters for NBC’s decision to tell the crowd to refrain from outbursts. As tonight’s CNN debate drew closer some CNN staffers/talent were making note that their debate wouldn’t have this restriction. Okay, not having that restriction is one thing. Egging on the crowd deliberately is another thing entirely.

Keith Olbermann tweeted the following tonight…

You know what CNN guy w/his hands up is doing, right? He’s egging on the #FLdebate audience to clap – like a game show (link)

I wasn’t watching the debate as we’ve had too many and none having much to do with my state of California but when I saw that tweet I tuned in at the end and I saw a floor guy, probably the same floor guy, whipping up the crowd with his arms just as the debate ended. So that’s two instances of CNN egging on the debate crowd. How many more of those incidents were there?


7 Responses to “CNN’s Crowd Egging Debate Controversy…”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    I didn’t notice it. I’d be surprised if that happened anytime other than going to break.

  2. missy5537 Says:

    Yeah, that sucks.

    But what about FNC’s “Chilling New Concordia Photos”?

    That’s right, this banner was plastered at the lower third of the “chilling new Concoria photos”.

    All I can think of is that Fox must be bringing in revenue for plastering this crap over subjects that need no caption and need nothing to distract from.

  3. Olbermann’s claim is bogus. Paying closer attention on the rerun, it doesn’t sound like anyone is whipping up the crowd during the actual debate. Applause and cheers all seem to be spontaneous and of varying duration.

    Telling the crowd they’re free to make as much noise a they want while going to or coming out of breaks isn’t wrong.

  4. Olbermann’s claim isn’t entirely bogus. I saw it with my own two eyes, though it wasn’t the incident Olbermann tweeted about.

  5. Fair enough. I made the assumption that he meant while the candidates were speaking and those aren’t his words.

  6. Do we know that was a “CNN” guy? Maybe it was someone representing the Florida Republican Party whipping up the crowd.

  7. ‘Crowd egging’ sounds a lot more fun than it actually is.

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