Free for All: 01/26/12

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  1. rupertmurdoch Rupert Murdoch
    Absolutely pay full income taxes plus NY state plus NY city! No joy, but no dodges.

  2. In today’s edition of ‘What you won’t hear about on FNC’ features Greg Kelly:

    Woman accuses Greg Kelly, son of police commissioner and ‘Good Day New York’ co-host, of raping her ‘Good Day New York’ co-host is no-show on program 1.1012172?localLinksEnabled=false

  3. While the link got truncated, looks like they already yanked it. Here is another:

  4. David Burge
    Oddly, I don’t recall John Kerry’s money being an issue in 2004. #LifestylesoftheRichandProgressive

  5. It isn’t his money. “Envy of the rich” is a rightwing talking point. It’s his ability to skip out on taxes, then act all weird about it. Also, ‘pink slip’ and ‘firing’.

  6. Sort of like John Kerry keeping his yacht in another state, to avoid MA state taxes?

  7. – yacht –

    Exactly. It cost him votes.

  8. No one said anything about ‘envy’. That’s your straw-man talking-point. In any case, comparing him with Kerry and his windsurfing is entirely too apt, if Mitt can’t manage to grow some stubble and swing an axe. On the other hand…$5.00-a-gallon gas. Obama can be an out-of-touch ‘regular guy’ all day long with that. Better hope Gingrich does or doesn’t get nominated.

  9. Newt Gingrich Ideas
    Three marriages only weigh as much as one on the moon.

  10. savefarris Says:

    joe, please point to someone accusing Romney of tax fraud, (unlike Geithner, Daschle, Rangel, Sharpton, Buffet,

    Otherwise, your ‘skip out’ comment is out of bounds.

  11. Don’t give me that ‘out of bounds’ crap. You know what I mean.

  12. The Twitter Right seems tickled by Jan Brewer greeting a Presidential visit with a wagging finger. Sweethearts.

  13. Actually, Mitt literally said, “it’s about envy.”

  14. ^ Eh, he’s just trying to find something that works. 😉

  15. I do not think Romney committed tax fraud, I think he supports tax policies that mean he pays a lower percentage of income taxes than most middle-class (note, I am not saying poor since they pay no income taxes) people. Sooner or later, the payroll taxes are going to come up and that’s going to make Romney and his ilk look worse.

  16. Yes, Kerry was an out-of-touch elitist phony (and apparently, so was his running mate). He lost.

  17. lonestar77 Says:

    “It isn’t his money. “Envy of the rich” is a rightwing talking point. It’s his ability to skip out on taxes, then act all weird about it.”

    Kind of like how Obama skipped out on paying taxes? Well, I don’t actually know if he did but I know Romney didn’t, so I thought I’d just say something ridiculous like you did.

    And, laura linked to a story showing the Romneys paid a higher percentage in taxes than the Heinz’s, err, Kerry’s. But, Kerry made his money the old fashioned way, as a gold digger, so he’s much more honorable.

    Fortunately, Romney didn’t actually skip out on giving money to charity like Obama & Biden. Really, who in this country is as selfish as those two?

  18. lonestar77 Says:

    Speaking of Biden & charity, he’s a member of the 1%. In that, his average charitable givings were 1%. Atta way to share the wealth with the fairness and the poor people and the rich people and 1% and fairness and fairness and stuff.

  19. The thing about Romney’s taxes is not that he did anything illegal or even unethical by paying a 15% CGT.He didn’t.

    It’s just that he justifies people paying that 15% capital gains tax by saying they need that low rate because they are the ones creating jobs. It’s only a matter of time before someone asks him how many jobs he created with his $25,000,000.00 income last year taxed at 15%.

    My guess – not many.

  20. This isn’t meant to reflect on what’s been discussed. My guess is that the attitude goes across-the-board.

  21. Good to see Cavuto covering Newt’s (IMO) outright lie about offering friends to ABC to vouch on his second marriage.

  22. Terence, TVNewser noted earlier today that the station Kelly works for, WNYW, reported the story during the program that he usually anchors.

  23. It’s crap. Multi-millionaires don’t create more jobs with their silly capital gains tax break. They don’t spend it, either. It goes on the pile while they b!tch about the deficit and call for cuts in social programs. Screw the greedy bastards.

  24. No ‘envy’ in that comment.

  25. savefarris Says:

    Don’t give me that ‘out of bounds’ crap. You know what I mean.

    I know what you mean. But that’s not what you said (or wrote.) “Words mean things”.


    This can only mean one thing: FREE BOBBY JINDAL!!!

  26. There isn’t a trace of envy in that comment. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  27. When you refer to people who dare to want to keep the money they earned instead of giving it to a government that earns nothing as “greedy bastards”, that pretty much defines the word.

  28. Josh Kaib, yeah but did FNC report it?

  29. “earn” is a subjective, relative term, isn’t it?

  30. To liberals, yes.

  31. Envy is jealousy of people who have something I don’t. That’s clearly not where I’m coming from.

  32. I’m sure that I misinterpreted “greedy bastards”. My bad.

  33. – greedy bastards – did. There’s plenty of poor- and middle-class ones, too. I’m not envious of them, either.

    Now if Mitt owns a dark grey Corvette ZR-1, different story..

  34. — my bad —

    See, that was a nice way of saying “whatever”. I’m nothing if not nice.

  35. lonestar77 Says:

    “For all you haters…”

    The Obama’s have increased their charitable giving since the spotlight has been on them. In 2000, they gave a whopping 1%.
    In 07, the Biden’s gave 0.3% to charity. I guess they consider that their fair share. Funny how liberals always want to raise taxes but never want to give any of their own money when not forced. Every study I’ve seen shows that conservatives of all income levels give more to charity than liberals.

    When I said Biden was in the 1% it was meant to reflect the fact that he’s in the 1% to charity bracket. What a selfish !#$#.

    The Obama’s & Biden’s probably leave coupons for tips.

  36. savefarris Says:

    envy – noun
    1. a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.
    2. the worst Ben Stiller movie of all time

    You were certainly showing a lack of contentment toward those “greedy bastards”. Hence, the definition applies.

  37. lonestar77 Says:

    “Multi-millionaires don’t create more jobs with their silly capital gains tax break. They don’t spend it, either.”

    How do you think companies raise capital? By standing on the street corner with a sign? And, how do you know “multi-millionaire’s don’t spend it”?

    You should try to not be so envious.

  38. savefarris Says:

    Lonestar, let’s not forget that Biden not only doesn’t give to charity, he’s charging rent to the Secret Service.

  39. Your interpretation of the definition of the word ‘envy’ is incorrect. Also, this is stupid conversation. Look up ‘stupid’.

  40. Um, I think you mean to say “this is ‘a’ stupid conversation’. Just sayin’.

  41. lonestar77 Says:

    “Lonestar, let’s not forget that Biden not only doesn’t give to charity, he’s charging rent to the Secret Service.”

    According to his spokesman, the Biden’s “also contribute to their favorite causes with their time”.

    And, really, you can’t put a price on your time. It really is priceless. But, you can put a price on his actual giving and it’s an average of 369 freaking dollars a year! Fairness!

  42. ^ I like my version better. Sounds kinda Russian.

  43. Turning Russianese? Nevermind..

  44. lonestar77 Says:

    I looked up “stupid conversation” and it said:

    Calling on others to be more fair with their money when you give the equivalent of 8 Amtrak tickets from Deleware to D.C. in charity.

  45. Why would FNC waste time on a story about a local news anchor? I’m pretty sure there are more important stories out there. Did CNN report the story? Did MSNBC? If so, they wasted everyone’s time.

  46. Haven’t seen it on CNN. They must be in on it.

  47. Josh, I saw it on Twitter as a link to New York papers. There’s nothing “national” about this story, and no reason for cable to carry it. Any cursory reading of the case shows it’s very much a he said/she said situation. “I told my boyfriend after I had drinks with a local celebrity and took him to my office, then reported it to the police three months later” is not “attacked in an alley and reported immediately”.

  48. Wrong again. They covered Kelly during a legal-segment on CNN, book-ended by Seal/Klum and some other damn thing I wasn’t paying attention to.

  49. They don’t spend it, either. It goes on the pile

    Is that a pile under their mattress? No, it’s a pile of money in investments. If they hoard their money and don’t invest it then there’s no tax collected on it at all. Whatever amount from their income that’s taken by the government will not be available to go into further investments. Pretty simple, eh?

    Also, capital gains are taxed at a lower rate because most are paid out from money ALREADY TAXED at 35%. Returns from municipal bonds, treasury notes, etc., obviously aren’t already taxed. That “loophole” is provided to encourage government funding.

    They already pay 70% of the nation’s taxes. You may feel better taking more from them but you’re screwing yourself.

  50. What’s the woman’s name? Anybody can accuse anyone else of anything they want. Seems to me if we can’t know the name of the accuser then we shouldn’t know the name of the accused.

    If he’s guilty, though, I say he loses a test!cle and spends 30 years keeping some 300 pound inmate… serviced.

  51. Income is income. Romney’s only job is running for President and getting a check for previous investments. He should pay the same rate as a regular guy who has to show up for work.

  52. With corporate income and capital gains, he pays about 50% minus allowed deductions – which aren’t much because he’s way over that threshold.

  53. If you work for one of Romney’s companies, that company does not pay income tax on the amount that’s in your paycheck. The company does pay income tax (about 35%) on the profits it pays to Romney. Romney then pays an additional cap gains tax (about 15%).

    Income is income. He pays more than you both in actual amount and percentage.

  54. If you receive MORE money to stuff in your pocket, or invest whatever way you want, it’s NEW income. Period. Your obfuscating number-juggling is cover for “I don’t trust the government, and don’t want to give them anymore money”. I disagree with that world view.

  55. OK, we’ll try that. Someone who shows up to work every day, earns an annual paycheck of $170K per year, is married with one child, and has average deductions will pay 12-14%. If that same person earned $50K the percentage would be much less. So even using your world view Romney pays the same or more.

  56. lonestar77 Says:

    Romney is putting an a$$ whooping on newt.

  57. If 170K gets you Romney’s rate with deductions, they both need to lose those deductions. The progressive taxation system was not intended to provide a flat tax of 15%. You can’t fight wars and build infrastructure and support social programs with that funding base. It’s a ‘starve the beast’ shutdown of government which I don’t believe in.

  58. “When I said Biden was in the 1% it was meant to reflect the fact that he’s in the 1% to charity bracket. What a selfish !#$#.”

    C’mon now lonestar, don’t be envious of Biden’s success, He earned that money and he should admired and adored for it. Why should he give it to someone who never worked as hard or is as smart as he is? 😉

    I kid because I love 🙂

    This is a fundamental difference of values and world view. This is why we have elections.

  59. “Romney is putting an a$$ whooping on newt.”

    Lonestar, at least we agree on that!!!!

  60. lonestar77 Says:


  61. If you go to work every day, your annual pay check is $50,000, your wife doesn’t work, you have no children, no house, no charitable contributions, etc., you will pay an income tax of $5,576, or 13%. Again, using your logic, Romney still pays more.

    Here’s where your argument fails:

    Profits have to be taken out as capital gains in order for there to be monies for new investments. No new investments then no new profits and no new jobs. Those “new profits” are a larger pie taxed at 35%. Whatever extra capital gains are taken in tax the less available for new investment and less available to eventually be taxed at 35%.

    A few decades ago when most foreign markets were still recovering from WW2 and the Cold War was in full steam it really didn’t matter all that much if the rates were higher because where else would the money go? It’s a world market now.

  62. ^ Calculator error. $5576/$50K = 11.2%

  63. It’s a world market now.

    Yeah, that’s why we can’t have unions or minumum wage, and everybody should be warehoused to make chips for iPhones. I’m not ready to let “the world market” determine the living standard here.

  64. ^ Not true. We absolutely can and should have strong unions. The minimum wage hurts people, though, and unfairly across economic ranges – My kids still get jobs easily but not so easy for the lower economic neighbourhoods.

  65. I hate Comcast. Every On Demand promotion is played incessantly. When you get sick of Rihanna’s face, there’s a problem..

  66. If you owned a 3-D telly would you be able to get sick of seeing her bum?

  67. savefarris Says:


    Congratualtions MSNBC: you’ve really penetrated the national conciousness!

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