CNN Wants to Trademark WHAT?!?!?

TVNewser’s Alex Weprin reports that CNN is looking to trademark the term “Magic Wall”. I hope they fail. Spectacularly.

Now, however, it appears that the channel wants to make sure that the “Magic Wall” is for CNN use only. Earlier this month the channel applied for a trademark on the term “Magic Wall” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, according to filings obtained by TVNewser.

If CNN was really serious about trademarking Magic Wall they would have done so four years ago when they first rolled it out. Doing it now is just silly and probably opens the network up to all sorts of generic use arguments. I hope all the other networks fight them over it and CNN winds up losing.

I’m no lawyer but it seems to me that should CNN win this it would establish a bad precedent where a network introduces a concept and a name, it takes hold across the industry and is used all over, and then years after the fact the network tries to regain control of it by applying for a trademark; in effect trying to put the genie back into the bottle it itself opened.

Out here in the tech world we don’t wait around four years to apply for a trademark on an idea we came up with. We apply for it before we even announce the product or concept.


22 Responses to “CNN Wants to Trademark WHAT?!?!?”

  1. Didn’t Romper Room have the first magic wall?

  2. Seriously! This is a subject for the Ridiculist. 😉

  3. Next week CNN will apply for a trademark on “Cable News Channel”.

  4. Russert should’ve patented the white-board in 2000.

  5. Stop freaking out, everybody. They’re talking about the name, so I don’t see the big deal. Personally I don’t understand why the network feels the need to trademark “Magic Wall,” but this is CNN and they do stupid things with technology all the time.

  6. Next thing you know they’ll want to patent Magnetic Dildo People.

  7. ^ We have a winner.

  8. FBN can trademark, “DEMAND IT!”, but they don’t need to and it’d be dopey. Just like trademarking ‘Magic Wall” is dopey.

  9. “I Want My Magic Wall!”

  10. It’s only fair that The Five trademark “roundtable discussion”.

  11. lonestar77 Says:

    MSNBC should trademark “Resist We Much”.

  12. Current might try “Turn the damn lights on!”

  13. ^ ^ Or “tingle”.

  14. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Or Spud could trademark “The Hazards of Live TV”.

  15. “The Wizard of Odd”.

  16. > It’s only fair that The Five trademark “roundtable discussion”.

    If they did that, half of the MSNBC lineup would have to be scrapped.

  17. FNC would have an impossible time trademarking “roundtable discussion”. That term predates the network’s existence…

  18. – roundtable discussion –

    But it’s fun to throw up in the air and count the minutes until Dollar jumped. 1 hour, 16 min. 😉

  19. ^Oooh that’s clever joe.

    If CNN trademarks this they will NEVER live it down.

  20. savefarris Says:

    CNN: The most trusted name in Magic (Walls)

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