The Ed Show Incites Violence?

NewsBusters’ Jack Coleman writes about The Ed Show posting a questionable tweet on its crawl…

Here’s a tweet that appeared while Schultz was talking with Dionne —

Next time Jan Brewer sticks her finger in President’s face, the Secret Service should break it & drop her. #edshow #p2

The tweet came from a Twitter user named “chaplinlives” who resides in Massachusetts — or as we happy few conservatives with domiciles here call it, the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts. Consider yourself warned — “chaplinlives” uses a photo of a lion for a Twitter avatar (No, not the one in “The Wizard of Oz”), so he or she is not to be trifled with.

MSNBC should not have run that tweet. There have to be some standards in what is allowable from viewer commentary. This one crosses a line that The Ed Show shouldn’t have crossed.


10 Responses to “The Ed Show Incites Violence?”

  1. I think it depends on how one chooses to interpret the tweet. It is funny.

  2. This may be something that you say among your friends but for a cable organization to put it on the air is a different matter.

  3. ^ Yeah, I’ll buy that.

  4. I guess with half their lineup calling her a racist or invoking the Civil Rights era, this seems perfectly reasonable.

  5. I agree with Pam, too. It’s harmless and kinda funny as a tweet, but not appropriate for rebroadcast on cable news. The lib sorting through tweets for The Ed Show needs to recognize that agreeing with one isn’t enough to qualify it for air.

  6. That’s cute, but I don’t think she’s a racist. I think she said something about a black man that wouldn’t have crossed her mind about a white one: “I felt threatened.”

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    “I think she said something about a black man that wouldn’t have crossed her mind about a white one”

    Cuz, she’s soo scared of those big black guys. The ability of people like you to put racial intent into everything is amazing. I think Obama attended Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years because he hates white people. Like you, I can see into people’s minds and discover their real intent.

  8. Saying Ed “incites violence” might be a little much.

    Saying Ed wouldn’t mind it (violence against a Republican) as much, would make excuses, or would see it as a sign “the people dislike the right” would be true.

    But we knew that already. It’s hypocrital pundity… and it’s nothing new.

  9. Everybody knows what Brewer was implying. Denial of the obvious changes nothing.

  10. Proves My Point…

    The discussion was basically wrapped up as soon as I stumbled on this blog post yesterday…

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