What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/29/12

It’s an all Not Hot edition this week…

What’s Not:

Suze Orman – Orman’s response to people criticizing her hawking a pre-paid debit card could have been handled a lot better.

Quid Pro Quo? – MSNBC allowed Ed Schultz to participate in a Democrat retreat as a panel guest. Schultz also got an interview with Nancy Pelosi while at the retreat. There may have been no connection between the two but it’s a situation that on its face doesn’t look good.

Rah, Rah, Rah! – CNN getting caught twice showing a staffer whipping up the crowd at its Florida debate raises all kinds of questions about the authenticity of the crowd response to the debate.

CNN to Trademark “Magic Wall” – Four years after it debuted, and after its become a common term of reference in the industry? Good luck with that…

Violent Tweeting? – A tweet was shown on the lower thirds of The Ed Show which called for the Secret Service to break the finger of Jan Brewer and “drop her”. Is this the kind of progressive talk MSNBC wants to espouse? One would hope not…


9 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/29/12”

  1. Dang, not a good week news wise.

  2. Especially for Moonbat Newt.

  3. – crowd egging –

    Whip and a chair, maybe.

  4. Joe, I like that your avatar is your HHR SS.

    As for the past week, yeah it was lame. But hey, we’ve got a whole month of no debates to look forward to! Maybe we can get back to talking about issues instead of watching the political process turn into a reality show.

  5. ^ And maybe Republicans can snap out of it and stop voting based on who’s the meanest to the media. It’s entertaining, but it’s not a qualifier for leader of the free world.

  6. and maybe I can leave my undisclosed location. Will venture out Thursday to check for shadow.

  7. Kelly!

  8. starbroker Says:

    Much ado about nothing. Come on…all the words written about CNN finally getting around to TM’ing “Magic Wall”. It will probably get published for opposition next year or so and then they’ll have the trademark for it.

    I remember when people thought there was no way Paris Hilton could trademark “That’s Hot”. Well she did and she owns it.

    You all were talking about “The Five”, funny you all should mention that. Some guy in San Francisco filed to trademark that for an online blog

    Fox has some interesting ones:

    The Power To Prosper (Fox Business)
    You Make It They Take It (Fox Business)

    You’re House To The White House (for a game)
    Winning the White House (for a game)

    Move Forward
    The Power To Inform

    Instead of Happy Hour how do you like Fox Business’ TM for:

    Now for a real intresting one Nicole Lapin’s NBG produtions has:
    Rich B*tch (but the real word) 😉

  9. Suze Orman has turned quite political on her show. She used to be just about finances and the other night she railed against Washington and how “some” in Washington were trying to help homeowners and “others” weren’t. She railed against the banks of a couple who had two houses who now can’t pay for them and how awful the banks were and basically said “just stop paying one bank” and deal with the consequences.

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