The New York Times’ Brian Stelter ominously writes about CNBC hiring a Reality TV Show producer…

CNBC might be turning Wall Street bankers into reality show stars.

On Thursday the business news network hired Jim Ackerman, who spent the last nine years at VH1 producing reality shows like “Tool Academy” and “Celebrity Fit Club,” to jump-start its own development of reality shows. Such shows could become a presence on CNBC’s prime time lineup, which currently consists of documentaries and biographical programs about wealthy people.

Mr. Ackerman’s title will be senior vice president of prime time alternative programming. He will report to Mark Hoffman, the president of CNBC.

FBN just announced a new primetime whith more of a business news orientation and less overt political overtones. Meanwhile CNBC is apparently looking at Reality TV as a solution. Two networks going in different directions; one of them right…one of them horribly wrong…

9 Responses to “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!”

  1. SURVIVOR WALLSTREET – 5 bankers and 5 Occupiers are stranded on an Island with Snooki.

    1% danger, 99% fun!

    On CNBC beginning in June.

  2. Ha ha Wall Street Idol coming soon . That’s just sad for CNBC ,

  3. I’m finding this difficult to believe.

  4. Paging Starbroker…

  5. CNBC has run bad reality shows before – reruns of Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’.

    And FBN is one long bad reality show.

  6. Josh Kaib Says:

    This will still be better than Bloomberg’s prime programming.

  7. Oh, fritz, that was pathetic.


  9. SHERIFF OF WALL STREET! Elliot Spitzer and his team of four hookers take down the bankers with entrapment hijinks.

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